Monday, September 3, 2012

Some Things I've Made

Sorry it's been so long between posts around here.   Things sometimes happen that change your best laid plans into something else entirely and so it goes here.  I've thought of you often and hope you are well.  This weekend I had hoped to show you something very 'new' but that 'life thing' didn't help me out at all, so, instead, I am showing some things I've made in the past.  Many of you will have already seen these things, but as I know you are all kind, maybe it won't matter and those of you new to my blog will see them for the first time.  Keep in mind these are some of MY favorites, made over the years and, as always, one of a kind.  Let's start with this old barn. 
I made it quite a while ago.  As you may remember, I love to applique by hand and that method was used here.  I chose my fabrics without really knowing what I was really going to do...and this little 5" x 7" scene is what I came up with.  The old navy man said the barn needed lights, so I should add power poles and a transformer.  So, I did!  It was fun.  I should say that there is an assortment of fabrics included here.  I should also let you know about the 'sky' fabric.  Actually, the fabric I chose to use depicted a beach scene and I just cut out a bit of it to use for my sky thinking it looked kind of 'stormy.'  Did I ruin it for you?  Sorry.  Also, the sheep were not added by me....but the green print included those tiny sheep and I couldn't resist.  I always try to choose fabrics that 'do some of the work for me.'
The tiny birds are embroidered and one of my very favorite things to sew are tiny you see one embroidered...the 'blooms' in French Knots.  I believe if I could sew every day....French Knots would be one of the stitches I could make over and over and over.  So much FUN!
There is a reflection in the glass in this photo...sorry, I swear I think I probably should give up putting glass in any frames for just that reason.   
Having a 'stash' of fabrics sure comes in handy when you work like just never know what will work for just the look you want.  Batiks are neat for certain things....such as this barn.  
This TINY picture is one of my all time favorites.  It's 2 1/2" x 3 1/2".  I've placed a spool of thread beside it so you can sort of judge it's size.  Once again, I used that same beach fabric for the sky and batiks for part of the house.  More of those French Knots!  I love Spring when all the fruit trees are blooming....I can't see one of those trees without thinking of French Knots.  What do you think?  Do they look like fruit trees to you??
Even more French Knots..........making a piece like this is time consuming....a lot of work in such a small space...but it's a lot of fun and I really should make more....well, let me think about that.
Many, many very entertaining!  I guess these little birds are one of my 'trademarks' also.  I seem to put them on just about everything I make!
Remember, this is a very tiny piece of work.......I find the larger you make them, the less appealing they are.  I realize, of course, that's just my own opinion.
I do love this little piece so!  Yes.........more should be made at some point in my life....I should make a point of doing it.
I made this little teddy bear a very long time ago.  I also made a second one for a friend, then never made another.  I made it from some scraps of a quilt I was working on.  It's all stitched by hand.  He's only about six inches tall.  Seemed today he wanted to sit on my new old Featherweight sewing machine. 
He's very cute....and kind of pudgy.  He has been at home in every studio space I have had...never says much just gives me 'that look.'  I like him a lot!
His little arms and legs move..........and he fits in lots of different places around the room.  Like me, he needs a change of scene every now and again!
Isn't it funny what you decide your favorite things are?  Of all things, a very small teddy bear has stayed a favorite over so many years.  I wonder where he will live later? 
Here he is on top of a spool of trim.  I don't know why he is there, but it's near the window, so maybe that's it.
These are some buttons I made way back when.  You can use those metal button forms and make just any kind of button you can dream up.   The heart one is 2 1/2" and the smaller ones are 1 3/4."  I was just playing around when I made these....had no plan on how to use them, and so, never have added them to anything.  I need to remedy that, I do believe.  I used DMC floss to embroider them, but added some perle cotton on the red/pink one.
A close-up of the French Knots on the Heart.  Oh, my goodness!  I could make these all the day long!

Lilacs??  Maybe.  I've no idea, really, just sat down with those thread colors and this is what happened. 
This red/pink one is my very favorite and I don't know why....maybe just because of the colors.  And, it was also the quickest.  I rarely worry about how 'quick' something can be made, so it seems odd to me it would be my favorite for that reason.  Maybe it's just the perle cotton...I  do love using it.
Last, but not least, this little embroidered basket button.  More French Knots.  I think it's quite nice as the basket motif is one of my very favorites.  I have intended for years to make a quilt (or something)
with lots of embroidered baskets.  I have quite a collection of vintage basket embroidery patterns.  So...goodness....why don't I get with it?

There you are.  Some of my favorite things I've made over time.  I hope you enjoyed seeing them and that you will visit me again.  My favorite son will be visiting from California and will arrive a week from tomorrow.  It may be a couple of weeks before I post again....but, rest assured, you WILL be thought of many times til I post again.  You have a lovely Labor Day and take care out there.  pat


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hello Friend
I Love french knots too, both making them and seeing them. They just make the best flowers.

Sometimes I wonder what will happen to all my stuff. I can only hope that some of what was special to me will be kept and handed down.

Hey..Have a great visit with your visitors. Fun way to end the summer!
xx, Carol

Jeanne Gwin said...

I love the picture, love the buttons, adore that little bear. Do you still have the pattern and would you be willing to share from your nest to mine? I have one but he is much smaller and I don't think I can figure out a pattern for his head. Thanks, Jeanne

Anonymous said...

322 legWow, you are so talented! I love everything you do!!!
Thank you for sharing.

Laurie said...

Pat!! I love your French knots! The applique pictures are so pretty, never appliqued before, not sure how. Makes me want to take a class! Thanks for posting!

Christy said...

Hi, Pat! I was starting to miss you! I know it's been so hot for most of us in the midwest, so I haven't gotten much done, either. No worries, though, as winter is on it's way and that's when the urge to do needlework kicks in for me. When it cools here shortly and Autumn starts peeking out, I'll be getting my stuff organized and ready to sit and stitch ... I'm sure it'll be that way for you, too! Enjoy your son's visit and I'll be looking for your post in a few weeks.
Take care,

Kathie said...

Hi Pat.... I've been wanting to make some special pincushions and came across some examples of ones you were making way back in 2009! The ones using vintage glass candlesticks as the base. They're gorgeous.
Any chance you could provide the pattern and instructions again in your Etsy shop...???? I'd love to purchase them from you.

vicki said...

Hi Pat-- I'm totally blown away by everything you've shown here! The barn is amazing-- that you created that treasure with fabrics-- totally just makes me shake my head and say - wow! That sky is amazing - and after you shared your "secret"- I find it even more so!!!

Your embroidery is unbelievable-- I'm crazy for French knots too--- oh my gosh-- you are a wonder at this!!! So so beautiful Pat!!


Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Such talent! These are gorgeous little works of art. The things you incorporate are just ingenious. It was startling to see beach instead of sky after you explained it. Sort of one of those figure/ground illusions. The little french knot buttons are so adorable! I'm glad you re-posted for some of us!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Hello again! Yes I thought of you talented quilting ladies when I did my quilt post. Unless you've done it, I don't think you can quite appreciate it. Hope you're well!

Jaybird said...

Such beautiful pictures!!! Of course I love the barn..."you just can't take the country out of the girl"!
Your sweet sister gave me a black and white panda bear that is just a bit larger than your bear, and yes he moves all around the house. right now he is sitting on top of a truck load of apples on my hutch. Hope he doesn't eat them all ;^)

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