Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sharing Something Pretty

Happy 2nd of January 2013!!!  Already!  Just thought today I'd show you something pretty.  Well, more than one thing, let's start with the flowers.  Bought them on a hurried trip into WallyWorld on know, one of those fast trips to buy all the stuff you had run out of during the blizzard!  I supposed I was in a 'flower state of mind' because I just had to buy these.  You can watch them grow right before your very eyes as you scroll down the post.  They don't look all that remarkable right here....but watch....
and while you watch, notice the little pitcher they are's so cute.  Can you see the little English cottage?
and the crocheted runner?  I bought them both at one of the local flea markets recently.  Little pitchers always catch my eye....and crochet like this...who could leave it in the store?
 Can you see the flowers growing?
 Here is the back of the's pretty too!
 And the you know...I think everything is in 'the details'......
See...the flowers are getting bigger.....look at those little 'pods'....they open up into the most delicate, 'ruffle' flowers...they look green here.
And then, there is this gorgeous beautiful......what great flowers to have in your home when there is SNOW everywhere!!!
And, these little green/yellow ones.  No idea what they are....but they are sweet.  You know green is my favorite color!
The pods are opening and look very pretty now....they will open even more.
 A close-up of the pitcher....see the cottage now?  There is a it a stork of some kind, a heron?  Trees and flowers that match the ones on the back of the pitcher.
Now do you see how big they have become...fully opened.....and gorgeous.
 Look at the center of this's amazing!
 Flowers are such fun....and these so pretty.....lovely to look at on a cold Winter's Day.....

Here are the markings on the bottom of the pitcher.....well, I guess that explains the Thatched Roof Cottage then.  Love it!

  Last, but not least, here is something very special:
 This is a photo taken by my favorite son several days ago....on his iPhone.  He was just getting home from work, driving down this street in his neighborhood and there was that rainbow!  Isn't it just great?  Nothing prettier than a street in San Francisco.....all nice and shiny with rain...and a beautiful rainbow. Well, unless it's a vintage English pitcher filled with beautiful green and white flowers!

Hope all is well with you this new year, this new day.  Take care out there.  pat


Christy said...

Hi Pat. Love that pitcher, and the flowers are just beautiful. I hope the rainbow means 2013 will be a great year!

Laurie said...

Your flowers have me longing for Spring, Pat. You're like me, I have a favorite booth to visit at our local flea market that has pretty linens and all kinds of pitchers, cups and saucers, all the things I love. That runner is beautiful, and I really enjoyed watching your flowers bloom

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Your flowers ARE pretty. I love flowers in the house especially in the winter. But that pitcher is to die for! So absolutely beautiful! What a treasure.

Why do you think we are fascinated with rainbows? I truly never saw one I didn't love.
Happy 2nd of January.
xx, Carol

Letitia said...
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Letitia said...

Your pictures and words made me smile. The flowers, the pitcher, the tablerunner, and the rainbow brought back my own precious memories. Thank you.

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