Wednesday, July 3, 2013


 No news here, but I did want to wish you a very HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!  And, many more to come, hopefully.  Since there is nothing going on here (and frankly, we are hoping for a QUIET long weekend), I thought I'd just show you some photos from our home on Pioneer Road as it is these days.  This is my Bird Nest on the Ground Studio.  If you've visited this blog before, then you recognize it. 

This little house will be ten years old in August...and beginning to look a little shabby, but it is still my sanctuary and as far as I'm concerned...a sacred place.  My grandson, Tyler, is keeping the outside neat as can be......although some work on the "Nest" and my home await attention.  We can all only do so much....and right now, it is one thing at a time.   I am very grateful to have this little house.  In case you's 18 ft. x 26 ft.  The 26' is the side you see here.  I wanted a little porch on it to 'match' the porch on our home and this is what the contractor came up with from my little drawings.

 I often move this old furniture around....right now I have that 'kinda ugly' covered table right by the door...I can paint there if I want....canvases, collages, fabric and such, as I don't like to use paint inside with all the fabrics.  I sometimes DO that, but prefer not to.....I can hide a few things under this table, but right now, there is nothing under there.  Yes, I try to keep my hoarding tendencies on the inside of the building!

 Behind that little settee, you can see my neighbor's house.  I love that old pecan tree and Jimmy's flag pole is always there to that.  They are 'somewhere' around eighty and keep their place neat as a pin, making me ashamed of myself sometimes!!!  

I have three or four old birdhouses on the porch.....and that nest is from my recent Robin tennant who gave birth in it on the upper drainpipe of this house.  I also decided to let my old wool embroidery out of storage for a's been hidden in the garage for who knows how long.  I embroidered it in 1976....from a kit.  The land is appliqued and all the rest is embroidery.  I can still remember stitching long ago.  My daughter, who is now 46, would have been nine then....where did that time go?

After looking at these photos a little more carefully, I see that maybe my hoarding tendencies are NOT all indoors.  Well, as Popeye would say "I am what I am."  Me too.

A closer view of that wool embroidery.   This is one of the things that convinced me to love French Knots...see that blooming fruit tree!!!!   It's made up of many French Knots.......

Yeah, that piece was fun to do.......and I'm very surprised it's still around considering where all it has been and what it has been through.  Some things go on in spite of us, it seems.


Oh, yes....LOVE that big old tree too.  Reminds me of Jimmy's pecan tree.  And, in my opinion, there is nothing much that is prettier than a big, old tree!

We moved into this house in 2001.  It's a small house, which is why I needed a studio in the back yard.  I actually think I chose it because of this porch!   My brother-in-law, Rick, build the front steps onto it just a few years ago.  It did have only two little could almost miss them, and these look much better.  We needed a hand rail, because, as we all know....I am quite clumsy and can fall easily...and without any reason.  I so appreciate having these steps!  (Yes, I walk into door facings quite regularly!)

It's fun to sit out here and watch the traffic go by....just like we used to do when I was a kid...only then it was in Texas and we had a tiny porch.   My grandson (twenty-eight this month) heard me say once that it was fun to sit on the porch and watch the traffic.  He laughed and thought that was 'crazy.'  Until he decided to sit there with me one day.  He sat for a while and eventually, after several people he knew drove by, he said, "Well, this IS kind of fun!"

So, a quiet Fourth of July weekend really does sound nice to me.  Maybe spending some of it on the front porch.  Wishing you a fun one too!
Take care, pat

PS.  It occurs to me that it's highly unlikely I will ever be able post anything on this blog containing just a few words.  Crazy, I know, but as I have said - "I am what I am" and there seems, to me anyway, to be a 'story' in just about everything. 


Patti said...

Well first of all a Happy 4th to you, and I hope that it is quiet. I get such pleasure reading your blog and I love your stories. Today I was smiling because I wonder at what point we should label our self a hoarder (or hoarder tendency). I was also thinking of this as I was weeding through some of my laces, and having a hard time getting rid of anything! I thought, "I am a hoarder"! Oh well....

Sheila said...

A Happy 4th to you.
I do love looking at all your pictures. I think most of us have a little bit of hoarding in us.

Vicki Boster said...

Oh Pat- you are so blessed to have a studio- not just a room-- but a small little house that is dedicated to your crafting. I'm just so jealous-- my poor little craft room is nearly ready to self destruct!

That embroidery is stunning-- I love-- adore-- am obsessed with French knots. That pink tree leaves me breathless! The picture is priceless---

Your home is quaint and beautiful and perfect.


Thearica said...

You are who you are and that is why we love you so! Happy 4th to you as well.

When hubby and I retire, we will downsize the size of our home as well. I may have a little quilt shack in the backyard. Hubby will most likely have his own craft shack too. :)

I love quite long weekends.

Christy said...

Happy 4th to you as well, Pat. By gosh, I'm finally having a quiet few days, too! Miracles do occur! hahaha. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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