Friday, July 12, 2013

"The Nest, Part Two"

Well, the last few days just flew by and it's time for "The Nest, Part Two."  I've had some lovely responses from some of you....most who have visited here before many times and have become my special 'blog friends.'  I appreciate every one of you!  This is where we left off last time....and one friend asked about the bottles because she couldn't see them very well.  We will take care of that!  This is an old computer table, covered with a sheet I appliqued for that applique book for Leisure Arts those ancient years ago.  I dare not show you what is stored UNDER the table...a theme carried out all through this little house!  One of the my favorite things in here is that A/C you see there on the wall.  A heat pump...responsible for cooling this place down and boy, do I love it!  That old tin ceiling tile came from my son-in-law's family store, now closed and the building sold.  It's way over a hundred years old and the ceiling in the building is all still there, has been rejuvenated and is GORGEOUS!  I love the blue bench with the floral seat cover.  I don't know how many times I've said this...but I LOVE floral fabrics and have to really stop myself from buying them!  (However, you have no idea how many are 'hidden' away in this place.)

On that old computer table is lots of 'stuff.'  An old plate with a little blue bird book and buttons, some old-fashioned fans....used to be the only A/C around! A little silk doll bonnet.  And a wooden drawer I have made into a tray of sorts.  I love the little girl and boy vase the fans are standing in.  It's just cute!

 In the tray, are old spools of thread...still 'good,' a glass box with that little white beaded purse I showed you before....and some bird decorative squares from Hobby Lobby.  That vintage pink dish is going to turn into a pincushion some day...and the lids in it are from long lost somethings...I have three why did I buy those?  Don't know, they just said something to me!

And, now the bottles.  My friend, Deb, got me started on these little salt/pepper shakers.......and now there are more.  Full of beautiful glitter.  That old wooden tray is a Lazy Susan....the shakers are just great!!! Some are vintage, some are new....all are 'glittery!' ( Deb....THINKING OF YOU...GET WELL SOON!)  (You know by now that you can click on the photos and see them larger should you want to.)

This cute bird house was a gift from Sherry...I wouldn't dare put it outdoors.  The little mannequin came from Hobby Lobby too.  That bird tin came from the flea market and is quite old, I think, English and ADORABLE!!!  My friend, the "Mudman" made those little clay bowls for me.  I gave quite a few away, as he wanted me to do.  They are dear.

Here is my antique doll bed.  I almost got rid of it.....but just couldn't do it.  It makes a great home for quite a bit of ecru fabric, lace and stuff.  I do not have enough storage for all this stuff...the bed makes a great storage piece and I can still see what I have! 

 I've moved the mannequin wearing Kelly's dress and the clothing rack, too, so you could see the shelves behind them.  The drawers are full of buttons, old jewelry, stamps, clothes pins, silk flowers, blah, blah, blah as the old navy man would say.  And, there is a bunch of fabric stacked here.  Not neatly, I notice.  Those plastic tubs are full of fabric too.......some of it will have to go to someone else pretty soon....well, if I can make myself go through it.

 This tub of fabric is some of my favorite...most of it given to me by friends.  Bibi made that pink rose.  All of it pink/green and an occasional red.  My favorite color combination. 

I've been saving all this fabric...for what?  Seems to me that I need to be making something, or sharing it.  Will have to figure all that out soon.  My favorite fabrics are not out to be seen, but carefully hidden from the light so as not to fade.

Some clothing from the rack........all old...all so SWEET....could show much more of it...but there must be a limit to how many photos you are willing to look at.

 One of my all-time favorite collections: the baby shoes.  Some of these are REALLY old and some not so old, but I love each and every one.  I like to imagine the precious babies walking around in these....See that pair in the upper right....bought them recently from our animal shelter bargain barn.  I tell you...they just spoke to me right there on the spot! 

Here's the rest of precious.  I started collecting them to make pincushions, but as you see, I have not been able to do that yet........and may not ever.  We'll see.

 I love this little teddy bear.  he's only about eight inches tall and the baby one is only two or three inches...or so.  I think they are guys.  Just guessing.  I think it's their 'attitude.'

 And, I've mentioned this blackboard before.  Yes, I know it is green, but old habits die hard!  When I was a kid, they were always black.  I LOVE this wonderful thing!  (Thank you, Laverne for letting me buy it from your Dad's collection of stuff!)
I smile every time I pick up a piece of chalk.  Post after next, I will talk about what is written here and why, so don't try to strain and read it right now.  Above the blackboard is a sign I bought last year....the instant I saw it I knew it was meant for my little house....and I mean what it says....YOU do have my whole heart!  When I walk into this little house, my eye goes right to that sign!  Notice I leave the ironing board up all the time......well, I use a lot of fabric...must press!!  That brown stool in front of the drawers is a necessity.  I can't write on the whole blackboard without standing on something...It's so very sturdy, I never worry about climbing on it to write....and it's bigger and heavier than it looks, which helps.

 Paint brushes......they have to go somewhere....a frame to use for something....and two metal pieces I purchased to make pincushions from.  One of these days.  I've lots of things to make into pincushions....for instance,

all of these!  I have several drawers of this kind of stuff........and hope to begin on some of those in the Fall.  Oh, no way I can sell that turquoise basket....or the least that is what I am thinking right now.  And, some odd baby shoes, no mates.  Those I actually might use for pincushions.

Remember, we are walking around the this is continuing on in that 'circle.'  So to speak.
more shelves of stuff....lots of things stored on top two shelves....decorative papers, buttons to cover and such.  There are three or four buckets full of needlepoint was a gift from Brenda and I am determined to find alternate uses for it...but, as of yet...haven't done it.  Wallpapers, canvas,some screening, all kinds of papers, etc.    This spot is where I work at my standing work table...more on that in the next post.

My other mannequin.  This came from friend Jim...I bought it at one of his sales a few years ago.  She's taller than me, but the dress I made to get married in (1966) fits her perfectly!  Too bad I 'bloomed.'  She is now wearing a vintage dress, a long apron with a short apron over it.  Love them both....and well, you'll see more about that too.  More drawers....there are always more drawers in here! 

 I made this doll a long time her!  These decorative boxes came from Hobby Lobby, some I bought and some were gifts.  They are divine and hold a multitude of goodies.  We will dive into one or two on another day!

 Being a Texas girl, I am nuts over Bluebonnets!  The middle picture is a painting, the others copies of photos. The one on the bottom left is fabric, not bluebonnets, but special to me as one of my blog friends sent it to me....Barbara, across the sea in the Netherlands, I think of you every time my eye lands on this beautiful embroidered picture!!!!!

Love the vintage Whitman's Sampler box.........and of course, I have to have paints to use in my collages.

And all kinds of other things too.  Lots of it, evidently!

 Frames, papers, and that big bunch on the bottom....a hundred year old ledger from the old family store I was mentioning earlier.  Not to worry, this one was falling apart.  Literally.  The 'good' ones are still in a place of safekeeping....but I appreciate my son-in-law giving me the two I have.

There are birds all over the place!  A couple hiding out high up on the shelves.  

 Here is a closer look at the mannequin.  Love the crocheted skirt trim and embroidered girl and flowers on this apron.  

And, here we are....the end of this post.  Mostly because I'm tired now!  And, it's late.  But, here is a close up of the neckware of this mannequin....that beaded purse I bought at Biltmore in N.C. the time I went with Jim, Sharon, and Deon.  Have never laughed so much in my life!  So, that is what I remember when I see it. 

Hope you will be visiting again on Monday...where I will show you The Nest, Part Three, the Finale!
And, after that, on to other things.  Hope you enjoyed this tour....and will visit to see the rest.  Stay cool and have FUN!  pat


Claudine said...

Wonders! I like in your tissues, tins. They seem very nice. And I fall for the teddy bear. But I also love your big doll, your suitcases and your flower boxes. This is a very chouettte visit, Patricia, and I look forward to see more. Kisses.

Julie Fukuda said...

The containers with paintbrushes look a lot like mine. I don't think I would dare show anyone my room.

Sheila said...

Ohh, I just love looking at your little nest. I love it all. I thought I had quite a bit of fabric stashed but you have me beat. Love your paintings as well.
Looking forward to part 3 .
Til next time.

Jane S. said...

So many neat things to see! The baby shoe collection made me smile. I have my father-in-law's baby shoes and they are adorable. :)

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I have a better sense of what you love. I can think of you in your "nest" surrounded by things that are dear to your heart. A wonderful place to find a moment of quiet and time to reflect.

There is so much to love and admire in your nest. The glitter in the shakers is sooo cool. I love that idea.

Thank you for another peak of your haven. I can't wait to see what's on the board!

Christy said...

Pat ... the thing that caught my eye is the little fringed purse on the mannequin. What is it about fringe? I think if you've lived through the 60's and 70's, liking fringe is embedded in your psyche. hahaha. My hippie heart! I used to have a fringed jacket, a fringed purse and fringed Indian knee high boots which I wore in high school. HA! I remember when Cher (the singer) went through her Native American phase ... I thought she was so cool. Wow, ancient history. I still love fringed purses and fringed shawls. I have a couple of each around here somewhere.

Anywho, you are so lucky to have a nest for your 'stuff' ... and a good man to understand how you feel about it. (shout out to the Navy man)


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the tour of the "Nest"!!! So many beautiful goodies!!! We have a lot of the same interest...can't wait for the rest of it on Monday.

Vicki Boster said...


Please let me stay overnight here in this wonderful space so that I can play and pilfer to my hearts content. My heart stopped when I saw all that fabric. I am totally in awe of your amazing space here. I've not one doubt but that you know exactly where everything is and could locate it in a heartbeat. This has to be THE most amazing creative stash I've ever seen.

Bring on part 3!!

Thearica said...

Can I come for a play date? Those baby shoes brought a smile to my face. I had both of my daughters bronzed and have now passed them on down to them. Sometimes I wish I had left them as was.. Your collection makes me smile.. and remember the joys of motherhood all over again.

Patti said...

I am enjoying your tour. You have such a good eye for displaying the items that bring you pleasure. I really like the salt/pepper shakers with the glitter. The single shoes brought a smile to my face. How many times people ran after us because our son kicked off one shoe is a store. But everything is beautiful, and I know I could spend hours admiring and looking. Thanks for continuing to share.

The Feathered Nest said...

So many beautiful treasures Pat!! I love how you have it all so wonderfully organized! Thank you so much for taking the time to take these photographs to share ~ You love baby shoes as much as I do dear friend!! We truly are kindred spirits in so many ways ~ hugs and love, Dawn

Hilario said...


The Bird Nest on the Ground Studio

The Bird Nest on the Ground Studio
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A Bit of Heaven

A Bit of Heaven
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