Monday, July 29, 2013

"Trees: Nature's Version of Lace"

Today I am wandering away a little bit from the objects shown in my studio tour....this afternoon I was reminded of something I have said many times in the past.  That 'something' is my opinion about trees.  I think "trees are Nature's version of Lace." That idea crept into my mind one time as the old navy man and I were out for a ride in the country, and it has stuck with me ever since.  So, I'm going to show you some trees and you see if you agree afterwards.  Some are real, some are not. So, to begin, I will show you an appliqued and embroidered quilt I made....part of it serves as the banner for this blog.  No, it doesn't have a thing to do with Nature, other than I LOVE trees and think of either applique or embroidery when I am observing them.  Specifically, French Knots.  However, on this tree, I have cut out tiny little leaves and stitched them down individually by sewing over each in a straight stitch.....the flowers and such below the tree are all embroidered.  Now, this may not look like lace to YOU, but to me, it is a similar idea.

Here is a close-up of the largest tree.  I've been told that I place the leaves too close to each other a lot and don't allow the branches to 'show,'  but I think I did ok on this tree and besides....I make these trees to please it doesn't matter to me what the critics may or may not say.....I make them the way I 'see' them.

 These trees are in my backyard.  We live on two acres in town....on a rectangular lot, so the house is on the front acre and this view is the back acre.  I love this view, especially late in the evening.  Now, look at how those lower branches hang down....does that remind you of the edges of lace? 

Here are a couple of photos I took one cold day..........Doves love my little Nest...they are always perching on the roof and because there are trees around, they sometimes sit in the trees and observe life at my backyard studio.  I love the doves... and the sound of a Mourning Dove is one of my favorite sounds here.  (Oh, my goodness, especially if it's foggy!)  But, in these photos...observe the limbs of the tree....all LACEY!!!  Do YOU see?

One snowy day....very cold...I managed to take the photos you see here.  While I am not a fan of Winter, I do like seeing trees like this - all bare with a frosting of snow, showing off their branches - so very pretty.  To my mind's eye, these trees look VERY lacey.


Here is another tree I've stitched.  The trunk is appliqued...and the leaves are embroidered and very sparse.  I wanted them that way.....the little limbs are drawn on with a permanent marker.  I enjoyed making this tree very much.


Here are a couple of other trees I have made.  I mentioned French Knots earlier...I ADORE them!  And, so enjoy making them.  Two little fruit trees in bloom.  Whenever I see fruit trees in bloom...I immediately want to go stitch some French Knots....and I like pointing this out to people if I happen to be with someone when I see the fruit trees.  Yes, some people, I am sure, think I am NUTS.  Fortunately, I don't mind!

 Here is another photo of my back yard.........Now, notice how those branches look in this weather/time of day.  Beautiful and yes, to me....lacey!

This tree is across the street from me....and it is so pretty in the spring.  Might you possibly think this one looks like lace?  I sure do.  

 This tree is in my least it was.  Damaged by too many storms, lightening, wind, etc., there is just about nothing left of it...(this is an old photo)....we don't yet have the guts to cut it cutting down trees just isn't something we want to do. 

Here is a little tree I made...this is an ATC card (2 1/2 x 3 inches).....the tree trunk and branches are  just a bit of fabric stitched down with a running stitch....the leaves are little Lazy Daisy stitches.  Yes, it was fun.........and yes, this one also reminds me of lace.

OH, my goodness!  I DO love these trees in the Fall.  At the end of my street.....I have to make a point to stop there each year to get a photo or two.  Now, surely these remind you of lace?  

And, here is another....Fall is my favorite time of the I guess that is why these trees attract me so much. It's funny, I rarely choose Fall colors to work with....but I DO love seeing them around the countryside in October/November. 

 As you can see, I didn't put these photos in any particular we are back in Winter again.    So pretty with the snow on the limbs...these are across the street around the Catholic church....sometimes I walk over there and when it's cold, you can hear the limbs talking as they blow a bit in the wind.  Definitely lace here.

And, here we are again in my backyard.  So, if this photo doesn't convince you that trees are Nature's version of lace, I don't know what will.  

Or this one...very near the house.  

And, the backyard again...this is the most peaceful place I know of in town.  (Well, except my daughter's back patio...oh, that's another post on another day!) 

But, as I said, my favorite time of day to 'look' is in the early evening....see the light on that tree back there....surely you are seeing what I mean....LACE.     If you still don't 'get it' that's ok.  I'll just enjoy thinking it for you!  

In my next post, I'll get back to showing you a couple of things people wanted to know about in the Nest, I just had to spend this little bit of time with you enjoying TREES!!  Take care out there.  pat


Rita Adams said...

Thank you so much for sharing those photos of yours. I really love our nature and preserving our tress is what I always do. I hope that people would also realize how important it is to plant trees and to care for it in order for us to still have a breath of fresh air in our place.

Sheila said...

Thanks for Sharing. The trees are just beautiful. I too love the colors of the fall leaves.
Your pieces are beautiful as well.

Christy said...

Hi Pat!
I've always had a special love for trees. They're so majestic and have seen so much! For some strange reason, though, I love naked trees. There's something about the bare branches against the sky. I am an Autumn person, too, so I love the leaves falling before they become my beautiful naked trees. hahaha. And, btw, that wonderful one lone tree in your backyard is magnificent!
Take care,

Createology said...

Your Lace Tree quilt is stunning. I like your tree photos and agree with Mother Nature's trees being like lace. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

Noel said...

Having just discovered your blog, I have to tell you how delighted I am with your "trees are Natures lace"! I, too, am a "collector" of trees and have many tree friends in my area. Buttons are another love and your green collection is a delight. Your blog is an inspiration - thank you!

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