Sunday, August 11, 2013

THIS and THAT, you are in for some 'THIS and THAT' which means I couldn't think of one good thing to talk about....instead rambling on about as assortment of 'stuff.'  I really have been meaning to show you this nest.  The larger one you've seen recently, it's a gift from a robin making her nest on the drain pipe of MY Nest this Spring.  The little one...well, it has a little story.  (Of course!)

 One day, a couple of months daughter called to ask if I could go to her house and take Trixie, her cute Jack Russell, for a walk as she had some house showings and couldn't get home at her usual time to walk the dog.  Of course, I could promptly went out to visit my 'grand-dog.'  Trixie is a sweetheart.  While in the course of walking her, we went around to the side of the house and I saw something on the ground, shining in the sun.  On approach, I saw that it was a TINY bird nest.  

 It only measures 2 1/2 inches across and is just full of the tiniest bird feathers, dog fur, which I think is Trixie's, grass, and lots of other stuff.  It is just the sweetest little nest.  I love finding a 'bird nest on the ground' which in Texas, where I grew up, means you are having a lucky day, and why I chose it as a name for my studio and then, my blog!  I'll say.  One question though....what kind of bird do you think made this nest?  I've no idea, as I don't think it's like one a hummingbird would make, which was my first thought.  Let me know if you recognize it.

On a recent trip to the flea market, I found a few neat things and didn't spend much money...a good thing since I'm trying to limit the amount I will spend there.  (It's like going on a diet...hard to do!)
I found this lace doily there and thought you might like to see it.  These days, I find myself absolutely nuts over ecru and white elegant and maybe VINTAGE, although I'm not so sure of that these days.  I plan on doing more stitching in these colors when I can manage a bit more time to work on what I call 'the heirloom embroidery' style.  I'll show you a pillow I made....which pretty much shows what I mean...well, maybe in the next post.

This is just so beautiful and delicate looking.........LOVE!!!!!

 And, more of it.  By the way....this piece is seventeen inches from point to point....and weighs almost nothing.

This is one of the things I also found....there is now a 'paperweight collection' going on in the Nest.  I have been given some and FOUND some and made some, therefore a collection is born!
Fitting that I would find BIRDS!

This one is 4 inches from end to end.  And, lovely.

 Found this little cabinet.  It's eight x eleven cute.  

This is the inside which I find a bit will try to find something different to do to some point...crying for a bird picture of some kind inside that door! 

 Something I rarely buy - this needlepoint, but couldn't resist this one.  It's very pretty.  The design is six inches x eight inches and just delightful.  Normally, I would prefer old well worn ones to use in some way in other pieces, but this one interested me because...A, it was only $5 and B, I have decided I want to try and use it in a totally different way....perhaps in a mixed media piece so as NOT to require the background to be stitched.  Now to figure all that out!

 The entire background canvas is nineteen x twenty-three inches....lots of canvas there.

And, here are some close-ups.  Really pretty!

I think I like this little 'vine' the best!


 I also found this little set of Demitasse spoons.  So sweet.  I've no idea what to do with them, but will give them some thought......I may include them in some mixed media pieces....or...well, NOT.  We will see.  Aren't they cute!

 And, in the original box!

I cleaned one so you and I could see the difference.    The pattern is called "Amsterdam.'  Set is from Sweden.  Paid $8.

Such a dainty design....and of course, my favorite thing - floral!

 I'm trying to decide if I want to clean them all....or leave them alone.  You know how I love things to look old and "previously loved".... we'll see.

Also found was this little paper file box.  Just like the larger expandable ones you use for bills and such.  This one is so cute and small...recipe file size.  Complete with blank cards and alphabet dividers...$1.  Couldn't resist!  And, then, on a trip to WallyWorld  on Friday, I made a quick walk through the school supplies.  No, I have NO ONE in school....but I always make at least one trip through the school supplies at the beginning of each school year...just because I have to treat myself to some of more time.  So....I purchased three Composition notebooks for .50 cents each and a tiny set of three for .88 cents.  Remember the tiny ones were a base for the little quote book in my last post.  Cheap enough and now I am 'restocked!'

 A peek inside.

Dear friend Jim gave me this tiny little baby shoe.  Isn't it cute? some point, this will become a pincushion.  So dear!

These little buttons are just wonderful...they have a lovely glow to them.  Glass and milky pretty!

To finish off this blog, I'm showing you this lovely old GREEN wooden box.  Actually, the other day when I bought it....I chose it first, then found the other items.  You know I have an awful time turning down something in my favorite green...especially when it's in this condition...yes, my favorite 'previously loved' state.  The box is six inches deep and twelve inches x seventeen inches.  Perfect!

So, there you go...a little trip to the flea - hunting and gathering - and walking the dog....amazing what you can find when you take a good look at your surroundings.  Hope you enjoyed the 'trip'!!  Now, do take care til next time.  pat


ga447 said...

I love the photos and bird nest are lovely.

Julie Fukuda said...

If you figure out that nest-maker, send it over my way. We have enough dog hair for an army of those birds.

Laurie said...

So many beautiful things Pat. Are you sure it's not a hummingbird? I don't know of any other bird that small.

Christy said...

Honestly, Pat, one day I'm going to come down to your area because you seem to have the best darn flea markets in the country! hahaha. I'm not sure what kind of little nest you found, but we have some really tiny, skinny brown birds here who could've built it. I don't know what they are, but they're between a wren and a hummingbird. I know I'm not much help, but it's probably them. They seem to be real common.
Take care,

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

O my gosh, you have such cool stuff!!
I never heard the phrase "birds nest on the ground". I have guessed how you came up with your blog and studio name....I was wrong!

Here's to a great day tomorrow.
xx, Carol

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