Monday, September 2, 2013

The View from a San Francisco Apartment

  This is where I'd love to be today!  The view from my favorite son's apartment in San Francisco (my favorite city!) is quite beautiful....and, along with all that beauty, I know the temps are delightful.   Here, not so much.  I'm sure wishing you all a very Happy Labor Day, so wherever you safe and have FUN!  See you later in the week!  Take care out there....pat 


Thearica said...

This would take my breath away!!

Letitia said...

What a view!

Christy said...

Pat ... I'd love to be there, too. I talk to an online friend who lives just outside of SF and she's alreading finding Autumn leaves falling to the ground! Lucky people! Today is the first cool day in a couple of weeks. My favorite season is upon us! Yay!

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