Monday, May 5, 2014

A Button Display Under the Trees

This afternoon I had an overwhelming urge to sit under the trees in my backyard.  It was such a beautiful afternoon...eighty-four degrees, a light breeze, not a cloud in the sky.  A gorgeous day!
So, I decided to bring out that old plastic table one more time (I had already put it in a pile to be taken to the recycle, along with the chairs).  Out they came, along with a tablecloth.  I sat there and then, decided to make a little display with buttons....for my own entertainment.  The light and shadows were so lovely....seemed a good idea to me.

And, here we are...out in the backyard....being silly and enjoying the afternoon.


The old navy man always picked the roses, first one each spring, last one each fall, and brought them to me. These are the first this year...he would have enjoyed them so the fragrance is quite lovely.   And, so...I enjoyed them for him today.

What could be better than seeing this rose, feeling this breeze, enjoying the shade of the trees?

Well, being a silly person....I think seeing some buttons, in sunshine and in shade, is a pretty good thing to see.  You've seen them in my house, but it's better out here in the backyard.

Here is my latest purchase....another pie plate and the buttons in it.  These buttons were in a baby food jar...$1.95  The pie plate...$3.00.  That little clay heart dish, $.25 a very long time ago, and the vintage spoon....well, sometimes I don't remember what I paid and that's ok, because to me they are priceless anyway.  Don't they make a lovely picture?

 I also found this quilt square at the flea market a year or so ago.  Remember, I had been looking for quilt pieces or quilts falling apart to use them in some collages.  Someone cut this from a quilt and I guess this was the only block left...which I knew immediately would go home with me.  And, yes, I do intend to use it somehow in an embroidered collage.  Sometime.  If I could only get myself going!

 Very old scissors.  Old thimble.  Old metal dish of buttons....some rayon seam binding...perle old spool of thread...that should make a silly old quilter stand up and take notice...inspiration.  I suppose that is why I wanted to set this photo up under the shade trees today.  You think?

Seems I can't get enough of looking at this pie plate/heart dish photo.  I do so love all the white and off-white buttons here within the plate and the heart.  For a long time I have wanted to make something beautiful with just old white buttons...not the fancy kind...the simple ones.  What, I don't know, but it swirls around in my head from time to time.


I was told once, by a friend, that this kind of button has no real value.  But, to my mind, these are the very best, most valuable kind.... they are ones that touch my heart.  By the way, can you see the reflection of the roses in the bowl of the spoon?

 Sitting under the shade trees....thinking of what to do with these precious buttons and my precious time....I think that was a pretty good way to spend my afternoon today.
 I hope you had a nice afternoon too, with something pretty to inspire you in some way.  Maybe even in the shade under your favorite tree!

Til next time, pat ♥



Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Lovely post. I love the vision of the table under the tree. And the precious little ceramic heart withing the bowl of buttons. I see an awful lot of needlework items embellished with those VALUABLE white buttons. I think you should decide on a button project and stitch at that little table under the tree. Food for the soul.
Much love

StitchyDon said...

How can you not be inspired, it looks beautiful !!

ga447 said...

Beautiful photos and your roses are gorgeous. I love the buttons, I remember when I was a child and visited my Aunt she had a box of buttons and we would play with them during the whole visit. Love the setting of the photo.

Kissy said...

Button soup spiced with a spoon full of roses. Wanna steal that photo!
Lovely place to sit and gather inspirations. Hope so see your button project someday!

Vicki Boster said...

Dearest Pat -- what a wonderful place to sit in the shade -- and the most gorgeous display of baby white buttons I have ever seen. The clay heart dish is a true treasure. This was a wonderful way for you to spend a beautiful afternoon outside -- your pictures are stunning!


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

What a perfect setting; and that Rose. Did you plant it?
That's what I call PINK!

Jeanne Gwin said...

You my dear friend are far from being silly, sentimental yes, silly never. I adore what you did with your time today, you are touching things again and that is so good to hear. What you set up under the shade of the tree was so beautiful and you captured it wonderfully in pictures to share with us. I hope to see more posts like this. So good to know you made your heart less heavy today.

Christy said...

Hi, Pat! What a lovely day you've had! I wish I was there, too. I absolutely love those pie plates, but I've never seen ceramic (?) ones with a design. Just beautiful. Is it a southern thing? I don't believe we have them up here - or someone's hiding them from me. haha.

I also love your ceramic heart. My Aunt collected hearts when she was alive. Whenever I see hearts, I always think of her.

You must have tens of thousands of buttons! hahaha. Your presentation today was great!

Take care, Hon.

Anonymous said...

That is just a beautiful visual. The rose is beauty itself!

Vie Ananta said...
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Jaybird said...

I just had to forward this to my grand girls. I have a dish of old pearl buttons on my sideboard. The girls are 6, 8 and almost 12 and they still like to get the dish of buttons and sort them and play their own sort of game. If I have them put away, they are bugging me to get them out. They will love this post, and want to come right over to your house to play :^)
Blessings to you...your roses are they are even prettier this year!

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