Thursday, July 10, 2014

THIS KITCHEN IS CLOSED......As The Saga Continues!

This kitchen is now closed!  Well, for the most part.  Still available...just enough food to keep me going for a bit.  We were supposed to close yesterday...but a there sometimes is.  Nothing serious though, so still going forward.  Almost through with the house...attacking the Nest later.  As I got all my mixer 'stuff' together I felt I needed to say a word about them....that little hand mixer (GE) was a wedding present, making it 48 years old.  It still works.  Imagine!  The Kitchen Aid, which I call "Architecture for the Kitchen," was a gift from my mother several years ago.  There's something interesting about the old with the new.  Worthy of noticing, I think.

 This is for fun.....I had this cute doll out on the porch of the Nest.  She got rather dirty sitting out there day after day, so I brought her in to spruce her up a bit before packing her away.  Seems they don't make clothes removable on dolls any her clothes were glued on in strategic spots.  I managed to get them off and put them to soak and plopped her down on the you see her.  Seems to me she is saying "What have you done?  Where are my clothes?"  In a rather agitated way.
Or, as my mother would say....she was being "prissy," which you shouldn't be, I was told.

See, you can tell she is not happy with this turn of events by the look on her face.  I think she is rather disgusted with the whole thing.  But, I know she will be feeling better with clean clothes and a brand new place to live.  (Yes, I do have an on-going dialogue with inanimate objects around my house.  Yes, I do talk to them, and sometimes they talk to me.  I also talk to myself.  I get the best answers to my questions when I do that.  Just saying.)

Then, there are the bird houses.  They will have a lovely home on my new patio.  I think they will like it there.  And, it won't be long til they find out.  It's getting down to the nitty-gritty part of moving....I am trying to be patient with lots left to do, but progress is being made.  I'll post at least one more time before I have to unplug my lovely computer for the move.   There may be a little time lapse, as I don't know how long it will take to get everything back up and running.  Perhaps not as long as I am imagining.  Anyway....I'll plan on at least one more post before the unplugging.  Meantime, you all take care. 

Until then, pat ♥


Christy said...

Hey,Pat. I cannot believe how quickly you've packed up. I have a one bedroom apt. and I hate the thought of ever moving and packing this place up. You keep truckin' along. Take care.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hi Pat. I'm glad this move is "moving" right along. Best wishes for a smooth transition. I think you are wrong about Miss Prissy. I think she is thinking that she is happy to be refreshed before moving to her new home. Kind of like how you feel after taking a shower after a work in the garden ~lol~
Much Love,

Sharon said...

Oh my gosh! I have that same little doll.

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