Saturday, May 16, 2015

It's A Wonderful World

It really is a Wonderful World, isn't it?  Oh, how I love that Louis Armstrong or Willie Nelson....makes me tear up every time I hear it.  And, to me, nothing says it better than flowers.
So, today, I was looking through some of my photos and thought it would be a good time to show you flowers I photographed while in San Francisco.  And, in thinking about those particular flowers, I also thought of some mixed media art pieces I created, you know, back before I lost my sense of direction
workwise.  With those in mind, I decided to post not only a piece of that artwork, but some of the photos I took in Scott's neighborhood of Bernal Heights. 


 As you can see, and as I've said many times...when I see flowers...all kinds of them, I immediately think of French Knots.  I'm just an old embroiderer at heart, you know.  This piece has an extraordinary amount of them and I loved making each and every one!  Also, a lot of Lazy Daisy stitches.  The background is painted quilt batting, embroidered, then sewn onto a painted canvas. 


Here you can see the embroidery, as well as the painted canvas.  I loved making this piece.  In fact, made several...all different.  And, sold everyone of them...I haven't a one.  Maybe someday I'll do more, as I still haven't seen anything quite like them. 

 I took these photos as my sister and I walked around Scott's cute neighborhood.  Down the street and around the corner we went.  I'm sure if the neighbors heard us, they may have thought we were crazy...oohing and aahing over every flower we saw.  And, there are many there!  You'll see more as I go through my photo collection from the trip.  Some of these gorgeous flowers seemed to pop right out of the sidewalks!  Like this Butterfly Bush.  At least, I think that is what this one is called.  Just absolutely gorgeous!!!

It was a treat to be on that walk, with my sister, in such a beautiful place.  

A close-up!  Fantastic!

 Coming around the corner, we saw this Morning Glory.  And, seeing as how it was appropriate.  And, beautiful!!

 Don't you agree?

 Here are some sunny and quite beautiful California Poppies.  You ought to get a good dose of Vitamin D just looking at them!

And, these gorgeous things....I don't know what they are called, but they are taller than me!  And quite wonderful.  Look at those leaves....about eighteen inches across.  These are growing right by my son's garage.


Now, I have to say...these pink beauties really caught my eye.  These were not taken in the neighborhood, but in another part of the city...I actually don't remember where, but I do remember taking this photo from the car as Scott was driving us around.  The flowers, which look like roses to me, grew on the tree in little bunches....a "ready-made bouquet" of a sort.  Just gorgeous!!

 And, here is my sister, admiring this fabulous succulent.  I'm not sure of the name, but know it is HUGE, and quite beautiful.  See that little one to the right....that one is probably even huge if compared to one growing here.  We really did enjoy our walk through the neighborhood.  We even went to the top of Bernal of that experience coming in another post.

Yes, truly, it IS a wonderful world....most especially when treated to a week in San Francisco!!
Thank you, again, Scott and Debbie!!!

Until next time,



Sheila said...

Hello Pat, I remember you showing the mied medium piece before and loving it. The flowers from SF are lovely, so glad you had a nice e trip.

Betsy said...

Beautiful flowers!!! And beautiful pieces of art! I am just preparing to embroider a bird on fabric for a purse! I have never done anything like this, so we will see how it turns out!

Lynn B said...

Hi Pat,

This embroidery is simply beautiful, I love it, probably one of my favourite pieces you have on your blog. I am really into french knots, I enjoy stitching them as they are so effective.

Lynn B

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hi Friend!! I remember when you first posted the first piece of art you show here today. I remember thinking what a creative technique.

Love all the flowers pictures you are sharing. Of course, we don't have many blooms here yet except for dandalines. Hopefully we'll get out to get a cure for that mess this week!

Pretty soon our lilacs will start blooming and my allergies will start going berserk, but I can't wait, lol
xx, Carol

Christy said...

Beautiful flowers! I'm happy you had such a wonderful, relaxing time.

Julie Fukuda said...

There can never be too many flowers in the world! Thanks

Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

The flowers that grow next to Scott's garage, I have in my flowerbed. They are an thistle, "Hooded" something or other, I can't remember. But they are lovely.

Jaybird said...

I think the garage flowers are called "Turtlehead"...they are really pretty!
I think that flower on the porch by the succulent, is gorgeous!! :^)
The mixed media pieces are absolutely stunning....I can't even see the stitches and you have the patience to make such itsy bitsy things!!
Hugs to you and blessings,

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