Wednesday, July 22, 2015

After the Bloom

A couple of posts back, I showed you a tea pitcher full of summer flowers, purchased from the grocery store.  Among them were two sunflowers.  Usually, several days after purchase, sometimes up to a week, the flowers begin to fade, then are totally spent.  I keep an eye on these flowers and when some begin to fade, then die, I remove them from the bouquet and rearrange those left.
Those could last a few more days.  At that point, I take the ones I believe will dry and still keep me entertained...and save them in one way or another.  Often, I just place them in a container and admire them until such time as I tire of seeing them.  (This sometimes takes years, as I have dried roses at least a couple years old!)  So, these two sunflowers are from that tea pitcher bouquet and have been given a new purpose here in Bird Nest Cottage.


Along with them is a single dried bloom of Queen Anne's Lace.   These are sitting in a vintage cigar box in my guest bath.  I think they are still gorgeous!


 Some of the other flowers from that tea pitcher bouquet were also saved...and they are the kind that dry quite nicely anyway.  Those are in my smallest guest room...along side some vintage photos and such.  They are sitting in a small dish I bought from the flea...seemed to fit the situation, and the purple flowers are sitting in a child's glass I have which I think was from a set of 'doll glasses.'  Very thin dainty.  I use them most often to hold a single blossom when one is available.


I think these flowers may last into Fall, as they are dry and the colors would be appropriate for a tiny Fall arrangement.

 Thinking of sunflowers made me think of my son, who is trying to grow some of his own on his back deck in San Francisco.  I didn't think his efforts would produce much in the way of results, as it's cool there and he only has a few pots on the deck for growing things.  Here you see his house.  It is definitely a house from the 60's.  He has three housemates.  It's difficult to find a place in San Francisco and when you do...well, unless you are quite well off, you have to have roommates.  So, this is where he lives. There is a nice deck off the kitchen.  And, so far, his sunflowers seem to be doing just fine. 


 These two really began to "show their stuff' over this last weekend.  And, he has sent me photos everyday this week so I can see how they are doing.  It's amazing.  Here, the one on the left is trying it's best to open.


And, the next day......


Then, the next day...


And, now look at that center...gorgeous!

 He sent these photos this morning...A family of sunflowers!  Who knew a couple of pots on a deck could produce these?  They are about six feet tall at this point in time.  And, at some point, Scott can save some of these....after the bloom, and enjoy them inside.  Well, there would really be just a sizable seed head, but they are so beautiful, he could enjoy them dried, and placed in a window sill or something.  

So, there you are....a bit of nature this great day, whether from the grocery store or the back be enjoyed later....after the bloom.  

Until next time,

from Bird Nest Cottage,


Gail said...

I still have dried roses from my daughter's wedding almost 17 years ago. We just stuck them in a vase and they are still there.
I love sunflowers, since I am from Kansas the Sunflower state; but I have never been able to grow them successfully here in Phoenix.

Laurie said...

How pretty Pat! I love how you use little things around the house to display your flowers, I have a little narrow neck vase I use to put my lavender in, it smells so good. I also have a rose from my mother's funeral two years ago, that sits in a little vase. I too hate to throw them out, they are still good to me.

Julie Fukuda said...

As I walked the dog past the kindergarten in my neighborhood, I saw a whole row of beautiful sunflowers and it was all I could manage to keep from running back home for my camera. Flowers add so much to our lives any time of year.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Don't you just love how happy flowers make you feel? I love sun flowers. This year it rained so much I didn't get any planted. I always let the ones near the bird feeders grow. I love them because they are so small. You would never find seeds to grow them if you wanted to.

Have a great day, Pat. Bet you smile every time you look at those flowers AND your son's pictures. I think they are screen door worthy.
xx, Carol

Jaybird said...

Beautiful Pat....I love sunflowers, and have NEVER been successful at raising them :^( Tell Scott he has my admiration!!!!
It's hot and getting pretty dry over here....had to start watering this week.....
The grandgirls will be here this weekend, so Pa has designs on watering the back yard while the girlies play in the sprinkler. That was good thinking on his part!!
Blessings to you,

Christy said...

The sunflowers are just gorgeous. I also love that white hat in one picture. I hope you're having good weather. Later ....

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