Friday, July 24, 2015

Of All Things!

OF ALL THINGS!   You know there is a story, so here it is:  Several months ago, my dear friend, Jim...brought his used, very dirty, and mostly destroyed Otter Box to me.  Why, you ask?
Not to worry, I asked the very same question.  Jim, or Mr. G (as I often call him),  thought it would be amusing to challenge me to make a piece of 'art' from this pitiful bit of garbage.  It is so like him to do that....for laughs.  Well, I thought it was a nutty idea and told him I'd have to think about it. has been taking up space in my little sewing area for way too long.  My first urge was to just chunk it into the garbage, after all, life is short and did I want to spend any time working on such things?  No.  But, then I got to thinking about it and decided he really wanted me to tell him I was unable to come up with an idea...and he would win.  But...NO, I told myself...he can't win, so what can I do?   I gave it a bit of thought, gave it a good cleaning and decided I could make a....

 A bit of hand embroidery, a silly bit of wording and there you have it.  It has to be a fitting end to the story, because this is all the time I will devote to this crazy Otter Box art thing.  But, let it be said....I DID make something. 

Didn't get the wording on the back quite lined up....but let's just look over that.  It's ok.  Now, do you think there will be a big rush to make Otter Box Art out there?  I think we know I may be the only crazy person willing to even try it (that I am aware of)........and there is one benefit from this experience.....maybe my little attempt at art will keep this one item from the landfill!!!   Or, not!  Ok, Mr. G....expect this in your mailbox!!!

From Bird Nest Cottage

Until next time,


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well, first I wondered what the heck an Otter Box was. Oh, I could tell it must be a cell phone something or other cover, but inquiring minds Google it.

Then I thought, that darned Jim. What a great friend.

This is too funny. I can only imagine what he will bring you next because certainly this is a new game he has started with you. You may have to find something to give to him to repurpose just in case!!

Have a great weekend.
xx, Carol

A bird in the hand said...

Good for you for not giving up.
You win!
Colette xoxo

Sheila said...

Very clever, and darn cute as well. I'm sure you may have started a new trend in repurposing over box cases.
Take care

Anonymous said...

That is just to tweet you are to darn tweety for this.
But wait always tweet me good night.
all pun intended Love your friend Brian

Lynn B said...

That is so funny, it made me smile!

Jaybird said...

That is GREAT!!! I bet he is still laughing!
Good for you!

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