Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer Flowers in My Kitchen

 So last week I bought some flowers from the grocery store.  Just a little bouquet of Summer Flowers.   Brought them home and put them in a tea pitcher full of water and have enjoyed them ever since...although today they are beginning to look a bit droopy.   So pretty...like sunshine!

A dramatic sunflower, with a dark center.  

Kind of spidery looking, don't you think?

This one would be my favorite....lighter and brighter....cheerful looking.

 Look at this center...GORGEOUS!!!  Such a lovely design!

 I think the under side of the sunflower is gorgeous too!

Several other little flowers....

 I love the color of this one!

Summer, indeed!!

 Queen Anne's Lace.  I've always loved it.

 So delicate.

A side view.  Grocery store flowers...an inexpensive way to brighten a summer's day! 

From Bird Nest Cottage

Until next time,


Laurie said...

Don't you just love the colors of nature? Even a bouquet of store bought flowers show off the beautiful works of God!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hi Pat!! For a moment I thought "Wow, Pat's garden is doing great!!" No matter where they came from, they certainly are cheerful. I love the variety of sunflowers there are. We had so much rain this year that I never got seeds planted except for Morning Glories that are doing realllllly poorly.
xx, Carol

Sheila said...

Hi Pat,The bouquet is really pretty! I see lots of french knots or little seed beads in the center of the sunflower. Have a great day!

Julie Fukuda said...

Yesterday at the pre-school where I was job-hunting, I saw pots of sunflowers on the playground that were very unhappy and sent the kid off to bring them water. They were nearly swimming when the kids finished but they looked a lot happier. I saw on your friend's post that you had had a fun visit.

Marty S. said...

Such pretty flowers! If you haven't already, tell us about what you did with your screen door, looks like a neat idea.

Jaybird said...

They look beautiful Ms. Patricia!!!
I just dragged out a bunch of sunflower décor, and did up the kitchen! Even fakes are pretty and cheerful looking.
Have a good weekend, and
be blessed!

Deb said...

Oh I just love your bouquet, every now and then I pick up a grocery store bouquet to perk up the day, its like instant sunshine and happiness in a vase.

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