Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What is it about Vintage Embroidery?

 Early Morning Light.  You know I love it as it gives each little thing it touches a soft kiss and then silently moves on.  Yesterday morning, as I watched the light move across my bed, I got my usual thrill from seeing the "sun glorified"  embroidered pillow I had just added to the "pillowing," as the Old Navy Man used to call it.   There just can't be a better visual treat than the one provided by the morning light.  Don't you love it?

 And, just a few minutes later....that glow is gone,  the light in the room is less dramatic and morning has fully arrived.  This pillow was made from a vintage piece of embroidered linen...falling apart from age and use.  I do love it so when a piece of embroidery has been just loved to death and its parts rescued by some resourceful lover of embroidery.  

And, to keep the record straight, I did not stitch this, but I did rescue it on one of my gathering expeditions.  Also, I did not make the other two pillows....the embroidered one was given to me by my friend, Jean, and the small heart was given to me by my friend, Bibi.  And, I am grateful for their generosity.

 This is a fine example of Satin of my favorite embroidery stitches and one requiring a certain amount of skill and patience to stitch at this level.  I hope you enjoy these photos of vintage embroidery - beautifully made.

 OMG!  Aren't these leaves fantastic?

I hope you enjoyed seeing I never tire of looking at them.


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Sharon Tomlinson said...

Beautiful satin stitch. So timely to see for me as I have just spent days with the satin stitch and enjoyed. You are right about patience and practice. I'm afraid mine could not stand this close up scrutiny. I hope to finish my stitching today but it will be a while before I can share because I'm making a little surprise. Enjoyed your pillowing in the new light of day.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

What a great way to save such lovely stitching. It just makes you wonder who stitched this wonderful art and when. How old do you think it is? the 40's maybe? or older. My mother could stitch like that. I have a piece that was given to me after she died that has not been completed..a dresser scarf. I guess she had my love of color since she started the floral piece in jewel toned flowers.

The morning shadows on your pillows makes a lovely picture.
xx, Carol

Jaybird said...

Beautiful Ms. Patricia!!
I love the sunlight....sometimes in the morning I just wander around with Posie cat purring in my ear, and admire the sunshine dancing in the south end of the house.
Your pillows are lovely, and remind me that I need to get busy and make a couple for the living room!
I'll be seeing the sister this evening...dear that she is, she took pity on me and is going to cut my bushy mop!
Love you,

Pat said...

Hey there, Jaybird!!!! I have seen the light coming in your bedroom know I am still crazy over those curtains you made...the light in that room is incredible. In fact, I thought the light in every room just perfect! Please give my sister a big hug...would love to be with you two tonight for some of our good laughs. Thanks for visiting here....Love you too, my friend! pat♥

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Beautiful embroidery and great that it is being admired anew.

Letitia said...

Beautiful post from a lovely lady. Your picture made me think of the 3 pillows my Mom made for my daughter 23 years ago. One was exactly like the blue gingham in your picture. Those pillows were napped on, hugged on, stomped on, cried on, and sat on. Alas, the college years came and the pillows were discarded in the interest of space. My Mom left patterns for all kinds of things, not not those pillows. Seeing yours was a sweet memory.

Blessings to you - Letitia

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