Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Finally, A New Sofa!

 Last Saturday, my daughter, Kelly, took me shopping for a new sofa.  When I moved out of my former home....I gave away my old one....I'd only had it for 29 years, so thought it could go.  I made a pact with myself that I wouldn't buy a new one until that house sold.  Well, who knew it would take nearly two years to sell that house?  So...keeping the deal I made with myself, I did not buy a sofa until now....well, the house sold in March, but it took me this long to make up my mind to go in search of my perfect sofa.  Kelly, who was much more patient with me that I would have thought....drove me around until we came across the sofa you see her sitting on clowning around on in this photo.

 Here it is in the store.  It is NOT beige.  It is a really nice soft "barely" green.  My favorite color.  And, I wanted to have back cushions that are removable....something that proved hard to find, but this one had them.  And, it's about 85 inches long.  At five feet tall, I could take a nap on it with room to spare.
I'm not a napper, but, hey....just in case!


So, here it sits in my living room.  Yes, it needs an area rug...but that's an expense for another day.
And, yes, as I have often told you....I am, in fact, a hoarder, as is obvious, and I doubt I change anytime soon.  I love piddling around with all my stuff.

 It's cozy.

And, this is only part of the living room.  I didn't show you more because you might not be able to handle seeing the whole thing at once.....all that hoarding and such.  But, if you'd like....I could certainly take a few more photos....more chairs, a dining table, tv area, and where I quilt, well, as they say....'the rest of the story.'  Let me know if you'd like to see.  Of course, I'll probably show it anyway, but it would be nice to know someone actually WANTS to see.

 I LOVE the sofa....and I think it was worth the wait.  I'd love to have another twenty-nine years worth of sofa enjoyment....but, at seventy-one...well, maybe I'll just enjoy it one day at a time.

Bird Nest Cottage
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Sheila said...

Hi Pat,
The new sofa looks very nice. Your little house looks very cozy, I could spend hours looking at everything and still not see it all.
Is the dollhouse on top lighted? I always enjoy seeing your pictures.
Enjoy your new sofa.

littlemancat said...

I like your sofa very much -and your lovely room. May I ask how your lamps are plugged in as the sofa isn't against a wall. I see no cords. I only ask as I really like to see a sofa/chair arrangement as you have, but I've never figured out how to have the reading lamps without electric cords to trip me. And the more photos the better - your house is beautiful!

Barbara said...

I want to move into your house, from the bathroom to the yard, it's gorgeous. First, the new sofa is excellent, a classic design and color that goes perfectly with everything. I disagree that you need an area rug. The wood floors add to the authentic look, and unless you have help with cleaning, they are much easier to maintain. I just took up a bunch of rugs that had seen better days, and because I don't want to vacuum or start tripping over rugs again, I'm keeping my easy-to-maintain wood floors uncovered. A quick broom or dust mopping, voila, sparkly clean, and so much healthier. Just some food for thought, but you are probably younger and not thinking like I do in my 7Os.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh gosh I like your couch. When the kids moved out the last time, we bought a new couch and all new recliners. Then Kyle started staying the night and sleeping on the couch. Let's just say I'll get a new one when I know that won't happen anymore. I have hard wood floors that we have covered. Hard Wood and dog toe nails just don't mix.
xx, Carol

Lynn B said...

Hi Pat,

I loooove your new sofa, it is so lovely, as is the rest of your gorgeous house, I love everything about it! I have just seen your daisy post, the entrance to your home is really very pretty.

Best wishes

Gisela Suski said...

Love the sofa - worth the wait. Have a great summer.

Julie Fukuda said...

My sofas are in their mid-40's and have been re-covered once (and sure do need it again) I like your new one and the rest of your room ... except for size and tidiness ... looks a lot like mine ... wing-chair, glass case and vintage items to enjoy.

sandi s said...

I love your new sofa, great lines. I also like all your stuff, it very warm and cozy looking. Look forward to more pics. Hugs,

Patricia Salada said...

Great choice on the sofa!! More pictures please.

Pat from Lebanon

Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

My first thought was "you stole my headline for tomorrow" my new sofa gets delivered today. LOL, I've impatiently been waiting for 8 weeks. Looks good and comfy, I do like the color. Enjoy.

Christy said...

Hi, Pat .... the sofa looks great. Don't worry about having alot of stuff .... it's your nest and you can live the way you want with your treasures. Mine isn't nearly as organized and neat as yours. haha Enjoy!

Jaybird said...

That's a fine looking sofa Ms. Pat!! Just what I have wished for in my living/music room. Maybe someday, but in the meantime, the old one makes a good grandgirlie bed!! Your rooms are all cozy and welcoming, and I love seeing them so picture on!!
Blessings to you,

Barbara said...

Wow is right! Amazing! I'm with Carol, hope you have help with dusting. Need to keep all those fabulous things looking their best. You call yourself a hoarder, but if that's true, it's hoarding of the highest order. I call it selective collecting!

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