Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Sampler Collection

So, one of the questions I received about my living room post, was to have the "story" of the samplers over my tv told.  I apologize for the quality of these is difficult for me to photograph things hanging as high as these, so the angles are wrong and the light too.  But, I actually think you will be able to get a somewhat satisfactory look at them.

Here is a closer view.


This one is on the lower right.  I stitched this from a kit.  Actually, the ones I made were stitched in the 1970's....a long time ago!   This one has a larger stitch count, so took longer to make.  I remember having a great sense of accomplishment after finishing one of these.  This and the other large one are 18" x 24."

Here's a closer view.  You should be able to read it.


Even closer.  Seems like yesterday.


 This one is the same size...and made shortly after we married.  A smaller stitch count, so a shorter stitch time.  I have tried to put these away from time to time, but I find it impossible to do. 


Here's a closer view of this particular one.  I still like cross stitch, but rarely do it anymore.  These that I have made were all kits, but I have actually done many smaller pieces counting over threads and I really enjoyed those too,   I need to see if I can find some of those in the storage places in this crazy cottage!


On the upper left....a sampler I also made from a kit.  I believe this one is 12" x 14" or 16."
Unfortunately, it's too high for me to measure.  I try to do a lot of my work in the same color combinations...that way it will go anywhere in my house....and so I use my favorite colors: red,green,pink,brown, off-white with an occasional piece made in a totally different combination...just because.

 In the center is a small sampler I bought at the flea...beautifully stitched.  I'm sorry it doesn't show as well as it should.  I think this one is about six or eight inches square.  I paid $4.00 for it as I recall.
Bargain!  And, then, there is that heart.  When my daughter hung these samplers on my wall after I moved in, well, I thought they looked just great, but I also had this embroidered heart I wanted to put somewhere.  She had gone home, so the only way I could hang it myself was to climb up on that stereo cabinet  and stretch as far as I could.  Nearly fell off and scared myself, but I did get it there where I wanted it.  (Photo of it to follow.)  Seems I'll do almost anything to hang a heart...and almost anywhere!!!

This isn't a sampler, but needlepoint.  In this great old frame.  I found it, of course, in the flea market.  I bought it for two reasons....for that great huge frame and the house in needlepoint.  Seems I also have a love of embroidered houses. Oh, my!

 Another sampler purchased from the flea market.  The verse is done in a very pale thread so its nearly impossible to read even close up, but I did love it anyway.

 Then bottom center, another purchased from the flea's a bit less refined looking, but caught my eye. 


 So, here's a sampler hanging elsewhere in my home.  Actually right inside the door when you come through the garage.  Such a true statement!!!


 And, this one...large, another 18" x 24."  A lady down the street passed away and they had a sale at her house...household items, quilts, sewing.  When I saw this sampler, I knew it was going home with me.  It's beautifully made.  They were asking only $10.00 for it.  Even though she wasn't there....I thanked her for it anyway.  It's in my hallway.

Wonderful, isn't it?


 And finally, here is that red heart hanging up high.

Hope you enjoyed the samplers!


Bird Nest Cottage

until next time



Sheila said...

Hi Pat, I don't know how I missed seeing those, but they are very nice. I'm sure if I go back and read the post again I'll see something else I missed. I hate to see needlework at the flea market and other places, there's so much work and live that goes into a piece.
I've been a stitcher for many years and still love doing counted cross stitch. I've made two samplers.
Take care and stay cool in this heat.

Julie Fukuda said...

I think when I was growing up, sewing samplers is what little girls did. I will have to dig around this place and see if I have any left. I know I still have some magazines of counted cross stitch.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

The only cross stitching I ever did was to cross stitch on clothes using waste canvas. I plan to try that on crazy quilt blocks in the future.

To me, sampler's have an Early American feel. When you see them in a flea market or antique shop you can't help but thinking about the person that stitched them and how they came to be discarded.

The display on your wall is so appropriate for your decor. They are definitely part of what gives your home such a comfortable feel.
xx, Carol

Barbara said...

Lovely, Pat. Must have been a trip down memory lane to post about these. It's a beautiful collection!

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