Monday, June 6, 2016

By Request

After my last post, I received a few comments requesting more photos of my living room.  It was suggested by some I show every shelf, all of everything.  Whew! Seriously?  You have been warned that I am a hoarder.  Even though it's true....and I do accept that about myself....I never really know how bad it is until I see a few photos like these, but I did say I'd show more of this here it 
is -- a sort of 'true confession.'  I know there is reality I suppose this is 'reality blogging.'  

I'm not going to say anything about these photos.  You just look them over, if you are so inclined, and if you have any questions...make a comment or send me an email.  You can find my email on my profile page.   I really appreciate the comments but some of you do correspond with me by email and I also appreciate each of you's a good way to ask questions, or just have more of a conversation.  So....for those of you wanting the details you asked and see things up close or ask and maybe I can do some little special posts on whatever thing you were interested in.  And, remember, you have been warned!!!

And, there you are.  I never tire of puttering around in this place...there is always something to see, to touch, to read, to do and to tell about.  If you have any questions about anything you see...let me know.  I hope you enjoyed the "tour."  Now, have a good day!!!

until next time


Sheila said...

Hi Pat,
WOW! I love it all. Do you still sew on the sewing machine and is it a Singer or another brand? Even though I don't sew very well, I love old sèwing machines. I have 2. I love the stack of books, to many things to mention. A very enjoyable look through your little cottage. Thank you

LouAnne said...

Hi Pat:
Big WOW! I love your room. I see so many things that made me thing "why didn't I think of that?" I've a question about the butterfly snowshovel....did you buy it that way or was that something "the old Navy man" did for you? It is AWEsome! Is that a vintage treadle machine? I moved one from CA to here in GA but have had to put it in the guestroom. For as large as this new place is, I've not got much wall space. Lots of windows though. Thank goodness they're doublepaned! Our old home was way easier to decorate. It was built in 1964=not so many windows! Thanks for the tour. It's interesting to see that you love birds and books as much as I do. I've got samplers too!

Julie Fukuda said...

Birds of a feather flock together ... even at a great distance and with much smaller quarters!

Connie Erikson said...

Hi Pat,

I have to say how much I loved looking at the pictures of your home. I love every nook and cranny. I live in a 100+ year old house which has small rooms and no storage. I am constantly redecorating to use some of my acquired treasures. You have inspired me to make better use of my limited space! Thank you!

Connie Erikson

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

NO ONE can fill an empty space like you!! It is amazing that you can pack so much in a space, yet your collections and decor doesn't make the space seem small. I look in awe and love what you can do to decorate a room. But I confess my very next thought is how much dust would accumulate on it all if it were in MY house. I loved when my hard wood floors were bare. We had to cover them to protect them from dog claws. I love how you have made this new home your own. Your love off all you have collected can be seen in every nook and cranny.
xx, Carol

Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

I think a hoarder imply's that your buried in junk. You my dear have wonderful display's that keep us captivated by your creativity, and the wonder of the content, itself. Thanks so much for sharing.

Louise Doney said...

The 3 C's , Comfy,Cosy, Creative, I could so live there among all your wonderful collections . Love the stack of books against the narrow wall space ...... Genius is the word to describe you, absolutely not hoarder ! XO

Anne said...

Thank you for the tour! I love your beautifully displayed collections.

Christy said...

Glad you're having a good time, Chickie! Even though I have alot to clean out, later this week I'm going to Hobby Lobby to buy a couple of coloring books I saw. Haha ... I don't have to answer to anyone. Yay! Take care, Pat.

Jaybird said...

It takes one to know one :^) I LOVED the tour!!!!
I am especially in love with the ironstone/white, on the passthrough. It looks so pretty there!! Are you working on the quilt, or is it being displayed? It is lovely either way...and everything else is perfect. I can't think of anything more fun than a day puttering among the good stuff, moving this, dusting that, just enjoying the time spent!
Blessings to you, and thank you for your time to post your lovelies!

Una said...

Hi Pat,I just love the way you welcome us into your home,thank you,the things I love apart from everything is the little cart with the folded check quilt,the very lovely foot stool but the best for me is your quilt in your frame,could I see and here more about that please,as at the moment I need some inspiration because I am teaching myself to hand quilt.xUnax..

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A Bit of Heaven
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