Monday, February 27, 2017


It happened several years ago, (I'm guessing around ten of them), the 'old navy man' came home from work with a package.  He said he had stopped for lunch in one of the little towns he used to go through to get to his job.  He knew every little town (and it's substations) in the northern half of Arkansas.  Being a substation repairman for Entergy, he drove all over the place.  In the heat of summer and sometimes the ice of he'd go early each morning and arrive home late in the evening.  That day, after stopping for a quick lunch, he decided to take a few minutes to run into a little flea market nearby.  He wanted to bring me something. 

That was Mr. Eaton....always thinking of someone else.  So, this is the box he brought home.  A vintage button box filled with lots of buttons...some old, some not so old.  All beautiful to me!
It's heavy for it's size and filled with many, many buttons.  I immediately dumped the contents on the table to take a look.  What fun that was!   He was pleased I liked the gift. I have never removed a button from this box and each time I open it, I remember that day.  It has become even more special over time.

Earlier today when I decided I was going to post the box and it's contents, I thought it only fitting to pour them out and push the buttons into a heart shape.  (That was FUN!)  He would have given me a great big smile!



 Some close-ups.

Something cheery on a winter's day!  And, also a lovely memory.

I'm spending part of each day, now, finding things around the house that hold memories and yet inspire me to make new things too.  You can think of many new things to make when you look at the old things you have collected over time.  As 'they' say..."everything old is new again."

This box of buttons is a special treasure from a very special person.  

I hope you might feel inspired also.

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littlemancat said...

So lovely, the thoughtful gift - and how rare that really is - and your sweet memories of it. Love the button valentine.

Pam Gonzalez said...

Dear Pat how lovely and what a wonderful gift!! I spied a heart button in there too! You have that wonderful memory that will always be your's and the old navy man. Thanks for sharing, Pam Gonzalez

Christy said...

How very cool some of those buttons are! You have to use some of them for something creative and Oh, so cool! haha Have fun, Pat!

Lynn said...

Oh Pat,

I loved this story, such a tender loving gift from your "Old Navy Man", he certainly knew how to make your heart sing!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

When Terry was an over-the-road truck driver, he used to bring me frogs or turtles he found in truck stops. Once he brought home a HUGE turtle soup tureen. I never used it for serving soup, but it was always out and was a catchall for other treasures. I have a ton of antique buttons. Wonder why we love and save buttons...old and new.
xx, Carol

Shirlee Fassell said...

What a lovely gift! Buttons hold memories of playing in my grandmothers button draw!

Jenny said...

Good Morning Pat....

Oh hold on a minute while I wipe a tear or two from my eyes...there that is better...

I loved this post! Absolutely loved it! The story of that button box actually made me cry! It is exactly what I would have done with a treasure and memory like that. I too would have kept the box intact, never removing one button, but keeping the memory of such a thoughtful, just because, gift right there in my heart!

I have a old fashioned glass jar that sits on my has for years...and it is not quite half full of little tiny shells. When we would go and visit Morro Bay I would always collect a few of these tiny shells in my hand to add to my shell collection. One year when we went with my family my daughter was just a few weeks looking for shells wasn't as easy for me to one afternoon my husband must have spent about 3 hours on the beach looking for those tiny shells that I loved so much...he was so excited to bring them back for me and there began....the glass jar on my mantle! I have never added or removed a single shell from that jar ever....just like the button box...grins!

I am so behind on blog reading...have had nasty flu with a horrible cough....but am feeling a little more human and so wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your post!

I love your blog my friend! Sending lots of hugs and I am hoping you have a great weekend!

Linda Escue said...

How do you clean vintage linens with embroidery on them without hurting the embroidery. There ar a few small stains and some small discoloration areas. ThAnks.

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