Monday, August 28, 2017

Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt, Part Two

This is Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilts, Part Two 

This photo was taken behind my house....On a sunny day...too sunny really, as this quilt is actually darker than it shows here.  You'll see later.

So, here's the story:

This summer I went to Texas for a few weeks and while I was there, my sister-in-law, Nancy Jo, brought this quilt out to show me.  Actually, as you can see, it's still in the quilt top stage.
The top was made, we think in the 30's, by Nancy Jo's aunt, who was a school teacher at the time, living in a boarding house away from home.  So, she pieced the top during the evenings to pass the time.  (By the way, Nancy Jo's family lives in West Virginia.)  Her aunt, the sister of Nancy Jo's Mother, is no longer with us, so the quilt belongs to Nancy Jo's Mom.  It was never quilted so I was asked if I could 'do something with it' for her Mom's 90th birthday.  How could I say no?

As you can see there are some black places on the quilt.  Those are holes.  There are several.
Before it can be quilted, it must be mended.  That will be quite the task.  The mending won't be invisible, of course, but I will do what I can to make it 'look good.'    It's still a top and that will be helpful, actually.

 A better look at the edge.  Also along the bottom, in this photo, there needs to be another row of piecing.  I'm not doing that, so will figure out what to do instead.  Did you hear me say I like a 'challenge?'

 I'll even the edges too.....for easier binding.


I will have to give some thought to the quilting itself.  I'm not going to quilt around each would just take too long and my deadline is next June.


This is the taken at night in my house.  While the quilt really is darker than those first's not as dark as this photo...although I love the way it looks here!

And, another look. 
I will do my best to make the quilt presentable for Nancy Jo's Mom's birthday next year.
And, YES, it will be a challenge!

 Every year I look for the first Bluetts to bloom.  I missed that this year, but while I was out taking the photos behind my house....there were lots of these!  You see them in white, pink and also BLUE.   So tiny and cute!!!!

Tomorrow, Part Three!

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I just read about Part 1. Now you're showing even MORE repairs to yet another quilt top. Of course this is right up your alley and I'm going to be interested to see how you repair THIS one. It's a great project to keep you busy and a great gift for the mother you are fixing it for. The answer to the question "What do you give a 90 year old woman who has everything?"
xx, Carol

Peonies & Magnolias said...

Another beautiful quilt -- can't wait to see your repairs and finishing. I'm sure her Mom will be thrilled!!! Have a great day.

Brenda Wall said...

I missed Part I somehow, must have been in Texas with Gianni and Tonya. It is so wonderful that you are restoring these old quilts to usable condition. Still hoping to make a trip to see you soon, as soon as Gianni can drive next month my time may be my own for a while. Hugs.

Jaybird said...

Ahhhh what a job you have for yourself. It just reminds me that my job is easy when I set out to make new valances for the den and kitchen. You may have to come around and give me a boot in the get along so that I will get them done and hung before Christmas......
Your quilts are so lovely, and if I didn't know that you repaired the other one, I would never have guessed. The fabrics that you chose are perfect!! I'm wondering if the damage could have happened folded up in a hide-a-bed or something similar. It may have been caught in the hinge...
Blessings to you,

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A Bit of Heaven
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