Sunday, May 20, 2018

Are You a Wildflower?

 Are you a wildflower?  Do you find them wherever you go?  Do you take photos of them?  Draw them?  Press them in books?  Put them in tiny bottles or glasses hoping they will last for a few days?
If so, you probably are a hopelessly romantic Wildflower.  Me too.

A couple of years ago, I discovered this artist....a young person....who immediately became one of my favorites.  She's definitely a Wildflower!  I recently ordered her book...."How to be a Wildflower",  a field guide by Katie Daisy by Chronicle Books, San Francisco.   It is wonderful!!!

I got my copy from, but you can also order it from Katie

 So, here are some pages from the book.  Two of my favorites.  And, one of my all time favorite quotes:  




 Love these adorable birds.  There are more.


 I want to do this....."Walk down a dirt path at Sunset."  Well, okay....I don't know where that path is yet and I don't know who I would walk down it with...but, hey....a person can imagine such things, right?


 Now, you know I have trees behind my this page!!! 


 This page isn't in it the book, but I saw it online....and boy....remember me telling you I had named the land behind me "Two Pines Park"?  

I have also been to the Muir Woods in California.  A not only beautiful, but also sacred place if you ask me.


 Here are the two you see the doorway to a new world?  I think I do.......and so does Trixie, the grand-dog.  She loves to take her walk in Two Pines Park when she stays with me.  I enjoy it also. 


 And here is a photo of the section right behind my house....where I go every Spring to scope out the Bluets.


 And, here are some of the current blossoms.........there are also white and sometimes a pinkish color making an appearance too.  They are the sweetest, tiniest little flowers and I do love them so. 
At about a quarter of an inch wide....they aren't really visible unless you really look for them and I do.
Every Spring.  Yes....I am a Wildflower too....Katie truly is....and I bet you might be too!!!

until next time
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Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

This book loves lovely! It is MY kind of book, as it nourishes my soul to walk on a dirt path among the trees (or ride a horse there for that matter!). I've ridden my horse down a dirt road at sunset, and although it was about 15 years ago, I will always remember that moment! I love your two pines..... where I live we're short on big trees and I miss them. Oh my soul does yearn for them, and sometimes I drive the 50 minutes to our mountains just so I can revel in their beauty and majesty! I'm also a quilter/sewer and paper crafter. You are lucky to have that wonderful studio! Marilyn from Oregon

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I love wildflowers. Sadly some think they are weeds. You KNOW I loved the bird pages. The book is so simply done, but certainly brings real life places to mind.

Have a happy day. We are having ANOTHER day of all day rain.
xx, Carol

Jenny said...

Hi Pat....

Beautiful post! Oh yes my soul is definitely made of meadow flowers! I love wildflowers and have definitely been known to enjoy them in vases and mason jars and anything else that holds water lol! Even a teacup...grins! They just make my heart smile ❤️

What a lovely book as well! I love the beautiful pictures with birds and flowers! Oh another me book for sure!

I am sorry I have been behind on your posts...I am just now catching up because I have spent the last few months caring for my MIL during her final days battling pancreatic cancer. Your posts always bring sunshine and a smile!

Sending hugs and love your way!

Audra Jones said...

I have this book, too! And I love, love! Let's plan a get together soon & share our wildflowers. 😙

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