Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother's Day, 2018


I found this print a couple years ago...yes, I've even shown it on this blog....but I love it, so thought I'd show it again and follow it with something from my quilt cottage.  In case you can't get it large enough for you to
"My Mother"

"You fill the world with kindness,
Your voice is soft and low;
Your face is like some picture,
A dream of long ago.

You are not great or famous,
Nor known in realms of art,
But you are rich in treasures
Which gild a kindly heart."

Mary Gold, a pseudonym for artist Marion Crowe

And, now, something from Bedroom #2 in my cottage...where this little painting resides.  Normally on the wall, of course, but I had to take it down to get a photo without glare.   It's a very sweet vintage watercolor from the 30's....and it goes so well with my other treasures.  That quilt, well, I showed it to you two posts's here for a while.  I don't want to put it on the bed until it is "rescued."
Of all places, that bird pillow came from Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago....just looked so good on the chair from the Junk House....where most of my "really neat stuff" comes from  there these days.

 A closer look.

 On the wall is a quilt you have all seen many times.  It's really at home here in this room, so, thought you might want to see it again.

 I'll probably never make another quilt even remotely like this one, so I like taking a good look at it now and again....and it hangs well here as there is no direct sun shining on it....

So....a few close-ups to give you a better look if you've never seen it before.  Silk Ribbon Embroidery can be a lot of fun, but no matter, it is also still WORK.  Good, fun work though.  This little basket is one of my favorite things I've made.  And, lots of French Knots on this quilt!!!  And, beading too!

Here, if you look closely, you can see the beads I added on the borders.  I added a bead now and again, here and there, as I quilted.  They don't show up very well, but then, I've always like to do work that a person would have to stand and look at for a while until all the elements were noticed.
Evidently, I don't make anything bright and colorful and shouts about what it is.   Guess I'm funny that way.

I always have liked that little heart with a plant coming out of the top of it.  For some reason.

 Another basket...and I like the leaves on the rose.  They are fun to stitch!


 The same with the leaves with the blue flowers.  Great fun!


 Those little pearl-ish beads on the border, were also a very faint pastels.  That quilting was really fun to do and I went through each bead twice to make sure they stayed in place.


 I LOVE the purple flowers here.  I usually call all my embroidered flowers "fantasy flowers" because they often don't resemble real ones.  But, these purple ones reminded me of lilacs, so I feel comfortable calling them that.  The round blue flowers...well, a fantasy for sure.  Buttonhole stitch was used.  They are so easy and fun too.


 Another rose.


 And, as always, I have to have hearts everywhere.....those large ribbon knots are French Knots done very loosely....and the heart itself is also French Knots...just tighter ones. 

 These needlepoint birds flew into my cottage on Friday....a gift from Jackie, my good friend in Waco.
I think I've said this before....I grew up in McGregor, Texas, just 'next door' to Waco.  Jackie started out as my sister's best friend...but, grew into my sweet friend also.  She is dear.  THANK YOU, Jackie!!!




One sings, one cute!

So...hope you had a lovely Mother's Day!

until next time, 
Bird Nest Cottage



Gisela Suski said...

Happy Mother's Day, love your room - I love being home in my room.

Pat S. in Lebanon said...

Everything is lovely, but I especially enjoyed seeing the pictures of your crazy quilt. They are so much fun to make, but sure are a lot of work.

littlemancat said...

The beautiful quilt - wonderful! The artistry is amazing. I agree that it's more fun to seek out those little details that don't shout out, just whisper to you.
Thanks for sharing.

Jaybird said...

That quilt is AMAZING!!! and beautiful! You do such awesome needlework, plus all of the design work.
I've been embroidering a simple chain stich design on a pillow cover, for about a month now....ugh..... Maybe I will get it done before next year :)

Jocelyn Thurston said...

Breathtaking embroidery you do! Loved all your sweet tea things too.

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Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

Your crazy quilt on the wall is STUNNING! Wow.... so much detail and so much work, although enjoyable "work". I do love needlepoint too and your photo makes me want to go online and try to find a kit. I can never find any anymore in the fabric and craft stores. I used to love making little framed scenes. My mom has passed, 17 years ago, and I love having little things here and there that remind me of her. She taught me so many wonderful "crafts" through the years, although she didn't do quilting. She did sew, made our clothes, knit and crocheted, also she loved embroidery. Oh such memories! Marilyn

A Bit of Heaven

A Bit of Heaven
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