Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Like a Bird

Today I watched the birds.  

They are just the same as we are - busy trying to peck out a living and a life in a sometimes cruel world under circumstances that aren't always helpful.  No matter what - they do something we often fail to do - they continue to SING.  We should each "write" our own song and sing it
every day in some way, as do the birds and NEVER GIVE UP. ♥️

Update #1:  
I did find out who put the bird nest in my mailbox last week.  It was Tommie, down the street.  She said she found it and thought something should be done with it as it was so beautiful. 
Thinking of me and my BIRD NEST COTTAGE, she put it in my mailbox.  That was so nice.
Lucky me!

Update #2:
Earlier this year, I wrote about a 1930's quilt top I was going to quilt for my sister-in-law's mother.  It was made in the 30's by the mother's sister and never quilted.  And, it needed to be mended first.  So, I've now finished that quilt and it was delivered today.  I will be showing you that quilt after it is delivered to her sometime in July, for her 90th birthday.  Whew!  So glad I managed to get that done!

Also, I'm posting this on a Tuesday, rather than a Sunday, because my sister surprised me at my front door last week.  I did not know she was driving up here from Texas...what a nice surprise.  We enjoyed the visit....doing whatever we wanted...which included watching all three seasons of Broadchurch on netflix even though we had seen all of them previously.  Excellent!!!  

My sister left this morning, delivering the quilt to my sister-in-law this evening.  I heard from my sister-in-law....she is happy with the quilt.  Yea!!!  You'll hear more about it toward the end of July.

And, I'll try to post again on Sunday.

until next time

Bird Nest Cottage


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hello Pat!!
I am accused all the time of spending too much time watching my birds. Yes, MY birds. I give them a friendly habitat and make sure they have food and water for a bath. Though yesterday I saw a robin taking a bath in the dog bowl, even though the pond was a few steps away. Maybe the horrendous and continual rain we have had has made the pond deeper than they like.

Either the baby crows are visiting the yard, or we have a new family visiting. The new group fly north when they leave my yard, while my three crows always fly to the west to a stand of pines. It will be interesting to watch and try to figure out if my family grew, or if a new one has moved in. Anyway, I think my Three Crows is now my Four Crows.

Have a great day
xx, Carol

Jenny said...

Good Morning Pat....

I LOVE watching the birds and hearing them sing. I have a beautiful golden finch in my yard for a few weeks now and he sings EVERY morning and evening . Such a happy tune it never fails to make me smile and I find myself stopping what I am doing to just listen! One of my very quotes about birds is “ a bird doesn’t sing because he has the answer he sings because he has a song.” I have always felt that we each have our own song and we should just try to keep singing no matter what! ❤️

I am just so happy you were able to finish your quilt! I can hardly wait to see it! I am sooo looking forward to that post...lol! I am working on two Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilts. One is a gift which I am close to finishing and one is my EPP work in progress that will take some time. I am hand quilting the one that is a gift and I have three more blocks to quilt and then the binding. I have so enjoyed making this quilt and my long term epp project is a joy! I just lovethe quiet, simple hand sewing❤️

I am glad you discovered the friend who put the bird nest in your mailbox! I thought that was so lovely!

Hope you have a good day my friend! Sending hugs and love your way!

DRblue said...

The visit with my sister was FABULOUS!! We talked and talked, solved some world problems and planted & mulched a patio garden!! LOTS of fun...hot & sweaty fun, but FUN, nonetheless!! I got to deliver the beautiful old quilt to our sis-in-law to give her mom for her birthday! She will LOVE it!! THANKS, Pat, for being the best sister on Earth!!!!

sandi s said...

The picture is beautiful! I love things with birds. My daughter sent me a picture this morning of a cardinal at her window bird feeder. We like to watch and feed the birds. Two of my sisters came to visit me last month for a few days, we had so much fun. I’m glad you two enjoyed your time together. I can’t wait to see the quilt you worked on. Hugs,

Jaybird said...

So glad the girl managed to surprise you....I'm still laughing!!!
I knew she was going, but just got the "rest of the story" last evening!!
Hugs to you,

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A Bit of Heaven
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