Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Latest Bird Nest

And, now for more of the story.  After the Mystery Nest was found and the mystery itself solved, I received a call from my friend, KATHY.  Could she and Morgan stop by the next day?  OF COURSE.  Well, wouldn't you know - not only did they bring me a hydrangea for the patio, but they also brought me a lovely bird nest found on their fence.  Oh my!  Here you see it....I decided to place it, the Mystery Nest and one I found on my own fence into a wooden bowl I purchased at the Junk House.  So, here they are: their nest with the Robin's egg in it.  (I found the egg out in the yard years ago, broken, but still beautiful to look at.)  On the right is the nest from my fence, on the lower left is the Mystery Nest.  There are also some very old bits of tree from my sister's back yard, collected last year when I was there.  I think they make a nice trio of nests to wonder at, don't you?

A close up of Kathy and Morgan's contribution to my collection.  It's so pretty!  I like to put a little slip of torn paper in each nest to identify where it came from. ♥️


 Here's their nest turned around....evidently, the bird was making do - as WE should.  A plastic shopping bag has been worked into the twigs.  Very resourceful!!! 

"The art of the bird is to conceal its nest both as to position and as to material, but now and then it is betrayed into weaving into its structure showy and bizarre bits of this and that, which give its secret away and which seem to violate all the traditions of its kind."
John Burroughs

This is the Mystery Nest....quite a bit smaller than the others.

 And, the one from my fence.  Next to the house, under the Crepe Myrtle tree....such a nice spot for a nest!

Here's a small nest, found behind my house in Two Pines Park last year.  Just there on the ground waiting for me as I walked past.  A reward.  A treasure.


There are books stacked everywhere here.  May as well use one or two for a bird nest display stand.  More or less.

 Here's a very small nest, sitting atop a cute little cabinet...which houses, wait for it.....tiny bird books!
This little nest sits in a vintage black coin purse.  It will fit in your hand with some room leftover.
So cute.

 Another very small nest perches on the window between my living room and kitchen.  It came from my daughter and son-in-law's yard.  He found it one day and saved it for me.  Notice the quarter sitting beside's showing you just how tiny that nest is!  There is also some tiny feathers there and believe it or not....a bit of fur I do believe belongs to my grand-dog, Trixie!!! 

 So...some lovely bird nests.....I do enjoy finding them and then enjoying them as time goes by here in Bird Nest Cottage.  You just never know when or where you will find one....but I'm always looking.  For feathers also.  It's fun!

 I don't know why, but thought I'd include a photo of my "Rock Birds."  Well, you might have to imagine a good bit here...but years ago now,  the minute I found these rocks - birds just naturally came to mind.  I have used them as "patterns" to line embroider birds before...they make me 
laugh....a good thing.

And, for today, that is it.  Hope you enjoy the nests AND the rocks.  Have a wonderful new week!

until next time
Be Well


littlemancat said...

Awww - lovely!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

OMGosh those rock birds are so COOL!! Only you would see a rock could be a bird, lol. I love the last pic of the bird standing by a nest. I have had to take everything off my tables. The Min Pin claims all belongs to HIM. He is gradually getting better as he gets older....just a TAD!
xx, Carol

Christy said...

Hi, Pat! The little nest next to the quarter must be a hummingbird nest. So cute. I'll pick up feathers, too, when I find them - I have a small box full. Enjoy your summer. Hugs to you.

sandi s said...

I love all the little nests and how you have displayed them. Hugs,

Jenny said...

Hi Pat....

What a wonderful display of nests that you have! I love bird nests and you have done such a lovely job with them! It also makes me smile to see your stacks of books! I LOVE books and have a bunch here at my house. I love to reread and every time I open a favorite book it is like meeting up with an old friend!

Your rock birds are precious too!

I have made progress on my grandmother’s flower garden more block to quilt... getting there!

Sending hugs and love!

DRblue said...

I LOVE your little paintings, you never cease to amaze me! I'm very proud to have you as a sister, you're precious!!! ;>) ♥

Jaybird said...

I am very proud to have both of you in my "extended herd"!!
I love the birdies and the nests. I don't think I have ever seen a rock bird before :^)
Blessings to you,
J xo

Ray Norman said...

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