Monday, July 9, 2018

Little Bird Books and a Giveaway

 Do you remember this little cabinet included in my post of June 17th?
 Well, it DID have a different bird on top, so it looks a tad different than that photo I used.  Here, on top, I have placed the cutest black 'sewing bird,'  a pincushion made by my dear friend, Kay.  And, I've moved for the photograph near a window, then in another spot in the living room for an undetermined amount of time (below), like I do everything else.


Here...the new spot.  I like that the blackbird pincushion shows up so well here....oh, and let me say - there IS mail in the mailbox!  So, the little cabinet will rest here until I get the urge to move it somewhere some other time.  

And, now, for the whole point of this blog post...the inside of that little cabinet.  Little books all about the birds.  FUN!!!  

 The opened one on the table is very old, it's falling apart, but so beautiful still.  It's written in German, I think, so I can't read it....but I love it anyway!  More on the little book with the bird and the nest in a minute...but lets talk about the other books first.

 I think you can read them fairly well....The Blue Bird of Happiness book on the left, has been 'enhanced' with a bird bookmark...they are so cute!  Or, as I like to say they are "dear."


 The brown on the top there....another very old book.  It is also falling apart....I still like to take it out and look at it every now and again.

 See.  Many old photos.......1925.


The photos are still beautiful!

 Having nothing to do with the little books is this little baby slip....drawn for me in 2010 by Michelle Palmer.  Pen and ink on a vintage baby slip.  How great is that? 

 A close-up.


The reason I showed you the slip is because she also drew the sweetest bird and nest on a little can see it here on the left.  I just LOVE it!!!   And, the little book sometimes lives in this little cabinet. 


Here is a close-up of it.  Isn't it the sweetest thing?


Like I said, I bought these in 2010.  I don't know if she is still drawing and selling, or even posting on her blog at this point,  but if you are interested, you can contact to enlarge. 
Michelle Palmer


 And, this little journal is the GIVEAWAY.    It is sweet also.  Along side of it is a little heart box.
Also included.  It will have a little surprise in it for the winner and I will show the inside when I announce the winner.  So.......if you want it, kindly make a comment on this blog post, or send an email to me, making sure I have a way to contact you should you be that winner!  

The winner will be chosen on Thursday, July 26th 

As I  will be traveling part of this month,  so I will not be posting until the GIVEAWAY announcement night....going to California to visit my son for his 50th birthday.
(Where did that time go?) 
 I hope you enjoyed seeing the little books and will want to own this little bird journal and the heart.  So....comment or email. 

 Until next time
Bird Nest Cottage



sandi s said...

I love your sewing bird, that is so cute! You little bird books are precious. Thank you for the giveaway. Hugs,

Julie Fukuda said...

Well, you are not the only one who saves old books (and even takes them out from time to time). I rather if we had a contest counting bird items in our homes, even though my space is much smaller than yours, (and many of my birds are owls) it would be a toss-up as to who has more.

Pat S. in Lebanon said...

This is a sweet give away...I'd love to win it.
I have a fondness for stuffed bird pin cushions, especially when they have a cherry or strawberry dangling from their beak...yours is wonderful.

Unknown said...

Pat, I love seeing all if your treasures! I have always thought the name of your blog is just so clever and meaningful. My dad introduced me to the pleasures of bird watching and one of his favorites kept appearing at various windows of my home the morning of his burial. It seemed a sign to me! Aren't they wonder-ful? Thanks for showing us your many little delights and I appreciate you entering my name in your giveaway. I wish you continued Joy's with your quilting. Kathryn

Sheila said...

Pat, I love your little bird pincushion. I love seeing all your treasures.
Enjoy your time with your son and a Happy Birthday to him.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Good Morning
When you mentioned your son's 50th birthday, I realized that my own daughter is facing that milestone in just a few years. If I would jump for joy, I would today in celebration that the Thai soccer team have all been rescued. I LOVE your black bird pin cushion. My crows have had babies and I am thrilled that the parents are bringing them to see me. I have always loved Michelle Palmer's drawings. I didn't know she did punch needle too. You are lucky to have the special pieces that you own. Of COURSE I am really hoping to win your birdie note book.

Have a safe trip and be well.
Much Love, Carol

Christy said...

Hi Pat! Love the blackbird pincushion. I've also realized that I haven't gotten alot of your posts for some reason. I'll have to go back and read them. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who brings in branches, big and small, that have fallen. Enjoy your summer! Take care.

Kathy H said...

That bird journal and box are so cute. And I love Michele Palmer’s drawings.have a great trip visiting your son.

Jaybird said...

Of course I will comment...I love all the birdies, but that slip is wonderful!
Have a good trip, and take care of yourself!

Jenny said...

I love your birds so much Pat! Do you know I discovered your blog because I was so drawn to the name of your blog? I fell in love with your bear paw quilt and the story behind it and so it! Your pincushion, slip and little books are so very precious and what a wonderful giveaway! Please enter me into the giveaway!

I hope you have a wonderful time visiting California and celebrating your son’s birthday!
Safe travels my friend! I am sending lots of hugs and love your way!

lynn said...

when you mentioned how can your son be 50 I had to laugh as that's how I feel when my girls are in their 40s, and I have 6 grandchildren who I adore...isn't THE GOOD LORD GRACIOUS?
I love the pincushion too and your little corner of the world...always nice to take time and enjoy our hoarded..errr collections lol
please enter me in your giveaway please..and thank you for being so generous.
sending big ladybug hugs

Marianna said...

Your "sewing bird" looks so good on there! Thanks for the giveaway

Gita Deb said...

Lovely birdie collections. You have a rare hobby and its quite interesting. I too loved the "slip". More to your collections and enjoy the stay with your son.
Gita Deb

Gita Deb said...

Lovely birdie collections. You have a rare hobby and its quite interesting. I too loved the "slip". More to your collections and enjoy the stay with your son.
Gita Deb

Betsy said...

The little bird book and the heart are just darling! You are so sweet to offer a giveaway! I made a crazy quilt vird purse. I love the birds on your post, each one is beautiful!

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