Sunday, April 20, 2008

Knot Crazy Beaders/Quilters

Of all the groups I have been involved with over the years, one of the most enjoyable has been the "Knot Crazy Beaders and Quilters." It all started on 9-11-01. Remember, we didn't know from one minute to the next what was happening, whether to try to drive anywhere or not, what was going on - we were in shock. Three of my friends and I made a decision that no one was going to tell us what we could the first thing we did was start a new group, invited some other friends to join us and we started this "crazy beaders/quilters Knot. (Knot, because at the time, our quilt guild was forming satelite groups called Knots and crazy because some of us enjoy making crazy quilts). We have been meeting ever since. The core group has remained the same and even though some have left and our very best friend passed away....others have joined and we continue on in our very determined way. We meet once a month in each others' homes. Since we don't all live in the same town, it takes effort to meet and, nowadays...costly gasoline, but meet we must. This month we met in Little Rock at the home of our friend, Carol Ann. You will see her home in one of the photos.....her irises decided to bloom the day we met, how cool is that? We had one member absent, Sherry - missed you! And, we had one guest, Linda. We usually bring something to work on if we are so inclined, bring our own lunch, have a great Show and Tell, and talk, talk, talk. Looking at the photos, you will see Carol Ann and her long arm quilting machine and an example of her quilting (great!!) and two of her baskets made with strips of fabric on her sewing machine. Bibi showing her appliqued cupcake pillow, Kelley sewing on a quilt binding, Susan, her mom Jean and Mary Lou are knitting. Then, there's Jim, he is telling one of his "stories" and also showing a handmade book he received as a gift from a friend in Oklahoma. He also brought a box of buttons, a gift from another friend...he is always the one with the "mostest" at Show and Tell time. An example - he is also showing a needlepoint purse that I gave him. I found it at the flea market and as he collects needlepoint and petit point purses (among many other things) I thought he should have this one. In another photo, you will see a beaded purse he bought. It's fabulous! There is a close-up too. Sometime I will have to do a post on Jim and all his "stuff." Carol Ann also bought something...this really gorgeous bowl. She and I share a love of bowls...don't ask us why...we don't know. Keri is learning to bead from me and you will see her hand sewing the beads on an edging. We try to get a month's worth of talking/sharing/learning and catching up at each meeting. You see us all in the dining room, each talking at once. What fun we have!!! Next month, we meet here. Maybe I'll share more group photos then. Pat


kellyvanhook said...

Once again I want to say how I love that you have your group of friends to hang out with and learn from....unfortunately mine worry more about hair and fashion so I don't have what you have but at least mine are encouraging! Keep up the good work mom - you did great adding your images!

Anonymous said...

Well, now I'm even more disappointed that I had to miss this month's get-together! Y'all could have tried to look a little bit sad that I wasn't there! ;^) Seriously, I'm glad to get to "see" everyone even though I wasn't there. I plan to make it next time come hail or high water, which here in Arkansas right now could certainly be the case!


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