Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Red Clover Story

My friend Sharon and I both shared a love of red clover......anytime we were driving somewhere we'd always have to admire it and wish we had a camera to take some photos. For those of you who have no clue what red clover grows in pastures and along the roads and highways here. When it blooms and covers large is just gorgeous! My husband and I used to raise cows and they loved to eat it....however, sometimes they would overdo it...not a good thing. (Sort of like people!) Red clover grows wild and Sharon and I saw it at it's best when we would drive to Paducah every would be so thick along the sides of the road. Sharon passed away last year, so this weekend, when I noticed that the red clover was blooming, I mentioned to my husband that I'd like to take some photos of the clover because, at some point, I want to make a quilt with dogwoods and red clover to remember Sharon. He left to go on some errands and was gone quite a while. Later, he came into the studio and said "Look what I brought home." He brought his hand from behind his back and showed me a handful of red clover, roots and all! He had driven down by the river to get a "sample" for me. He's a pretty good guy, don't you think? I immediately put the clover in a glass of water as it had already started to droop as you can see in these photos. I took some pictures, as best I could, then decided the clover might actually I planted it in one of the galvanized tubs I have planted some daisies in....doubting that it would live. The next day I looked and it had perked up considerably...who knew? If you look closely, you can see the dew on the leaves. I took that photo early this a.m. Sharon would get a good laugh out of all this for sure...and me, well, I'm remembering all those great drives we took! And, really, I don't have to make a quilt to remember her......who could forget? Pat

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Anonymous said...

Pat, great pictures, great stories and great memories! I love red clover, too, and am always happy to see it this time of year. Like fall leaves, though, photos rarely do it justice -- since some of us don't have someone willing to fetch it for us so we can get a close-up! Give that man a hug!!!


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