Sunday, November 30, 2008

Checking IN

Well, it's Sunday night and I haven't posted in quite a while. Life around the Nest hasn't been so great. If you come here often, then you know my mother-in-law passed away.....then all the relatives came for a week....then I caught "the bug." You, know - the one that takes over your head so that it feels as big as a truck, affects your breathing....and makes your throat so sore you can't swallow and you ache all over. A week of that and I'm just about done in. Today is the first day I've felt any kind of good in two weeks. So, I had to say Hi.

I've thought of all of you often.....just didn't want to come out here in the cold to write anything, but tonight, thought I should at least let you know I haven't forgotten you are out there. My best to you and please stay tuned for a post on a subject much more interesting within the next few days.

I'm including a picture of my backyard. I took this photo about a month son was here last week and I noticed he had it on his screen saver.......(I tend to send him my favorite photos). To me, this photo is sort of like watching fish in an aquarium....makes my blood pressure go's kind of soothing.

Hope you are all well.....I'll post soon. Pat


brenco1 said...

Sorry you have been sick, along with all the other events of your life. Hope to hear from you soon.
Love and Hugs


Good to hear that you are recovering.That's a beautiful photograph can understand why your blood pressure goes down.

sparkle jars said...

Now that's a backyard...and such a beautiful tree. I'm sorry you've been feeling so ill. I hope you are feeling better soon. It was good to see your post today.

Judy said...

Hi Pat, glad things are getting back to normal for you. I had the bug too and was miserable for a week. I am not a good patient. I love your backyard. It looks so serene and blood pressure lowering.

Christine said...

Pat, these bugs always get you when you're physically and mentally low, so my advice is to give in to it, rest and recuperate. Let someone else cook and clean if possible, and let nature take its course.

Your peaceful backyard will go a long way towards healing your body and soul I'm sure, quite lovely.

Thanks for sharing,

TattingChic said...

Sorry to hear that things have been so challenging! That back yard picture is soothing to look at and it looks so cold, too! You have a beautiful backyard! I hope we get to see that same view covered with snow. It would be so neat if you could somehow remember the exact spot you took the photo from and take one each season and then show them all together...
Is that too much to ask, LOL! :) Just kidding, it would look very neat, though!

Jacky said...

Beautiful photo of your backyard. I loooove that tree....

Sorry to hear of your recent loss and also that you have the "bug". I hope you are fit and well again soon.

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