Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Latest Treasures

Finally, finally, I am "back to normal." And, normal for me is kind of whacky, but healthy. Thank you so much for your good wishes the last few are all just the BEST.

Tomorrow my First Thursday Art Group will be here in the Nest and tonight I am getting ready for that, but thought I should post something on my blog before the night got completely away from me. Doesn't time pass quickly?

I debated about what to show you tonight...and so much is going on I thought it best if I showed you some of the things to come into my possession lately. From your comments and emails, I know many of you love your "stuff" as much as I love mine. Isn't it a thrill to make a great "find" or receive a gift from a friend in the mail. Both give you that little "I am so lucky tingle." So, let's see what these treasures are.

While blogging, I have made a new friend in Robin Atkins. She has been very helpful to me, delights my eye with her work, and has several books in print. I recently bought two from her. Well, one I had, but either loaned it out and didn't get it back, or lost it. It's a wonderful book titled "Beaded Embellishment." Techniques and Designs for Embroidering on Cloth. You know I love that!!! So I bought another copy. Then, her new book, which I felt was necessary since I was reordering the other book, is "Heart to Hands Bead Embroidery." Fresh ideas and Techniques for Creating Art with Beads. This also is a wonderful book and has recently sparked new creativity in my friend, Brenda. She has gone wild with her beading and it is fun to see her get this excited..(you can see some of her beading at You might want to check these books out. You will want to visit Robin at her blog: and order her books at Go for it!!!

I went to the flea market the other day as part of my recuperation. As you know, my local flea market is where I talk to my therapist. While there, I found a pillowcase embroidered in satin stitch, beautifully done, with a bit of crochet for added beauty. Another lovely piece of whitework is the embroidered guest towel...and a large one it is. I just love this kind of embroidery. Don't you just go crazy when the light falls on whitework "just right." There was a lovely hankie with orange flowers and some orange "junk jewelry" which I can use to embellish. I couldn't believe I bought something ORANGE! But, my daughter is always telling me I need to liven up my color seemed like a nice color! Last, but certainly not least is the pink crocheted pin keeper. I always love these. I may try to make one in the future. What a way to spend an hour of therapy!

There is one more flea market item I wanted to show you. It's a beautiful handmade Battenburg lace handkerchief in it's original box, complete with partial mailing envelope with postage and all the paperwork. I've had it a while and can't remember where I got it. Odd for me, but it just slips my mind. I do remember when I bought it I was impressed that the address on the envelope was in Waco, Texas. I am from McGregor, which is a few miles from Waco. So, not only did I find something really nice, it originally lived near my home town! I can't make out the year on the postmark, but on the little brochure inside it says "We prepay postage on all packages. However, a service fee of 15 cents is charged by the U.S.
Post Office Dept. for delivery of foreign packages. This fee cannot be prepaid and will be collected by your postman." When was that??? It came from Belgium. And, it's really beautiful. If you have ever tried to make Battenburg lace, you would appreciate this. I have made some and the quality of this hankie is just tops!!!

While I was under the weather, I received a package from my friend, Isabella. She lives in Tasmania. And a dear person she is. I was so thrilled to get a package with an Australian stamp on it.....I'm saving the envelope for my "envelope art" collection. There was a tiny little boomarang made from wood. So cute. Several buttons, she knows I love those. Many, many lace medallions (in white, ecru, and two shades of blue), which will spark a feeding frenzy of embellishment sometime in the future...they are quite beautiful. There was a very cute quilt pattern too. Then, out of the envelope came two packages of vintage silk embroidery thread. In orange (how did she know??) purple,yellow, three shades of green, pink, red and a pale blue. So soft, beautiful, shiny and light as a feather. I have never embroidered with silk thread. I'm not sure I can see to do it, but, it will be fun to try. And, the packaging is fabulous. In long sheaths of paper with a little paper tag on each skein - "New process Filo Silk, Belding Brothers & Company, Shade 1525"...that's the orange. It's all delightful. And from so far away. Thank you again, Isabella. A lovely treasure, indeed - both the gift and the giver.

See, you can't help but feel better now, right? Do take care and I'll post again soon. Pat


Rose Haven said...

It's soooooooo good to know you're feeling BETTER!! And that you've posted!!

I love the "pretties" you've found and received!!!


Elenka said...

I've very glad you are feeling better. Sounds like you have some great 'stuff'.

Elenka said...

""I"M"" ...not I've.
Sheesh, I only had one glass of Merlot, but for me, that's all it takes.
I don't do spelling bees and drink at the same time, you'll be happy to know.

Robin said...

So happy you're back and feeling normal again, Pat!!! Ooooh, the BL handkerchief... OMG it's a beauty, and so special to have the original box and postage note from Belgium. I love that kind of thing. Imagine my surprise when I checked your blog and found my books at the top, and you mentioning our friendship just makes my day, er more like week! Thanks so much! Hugs, Robin A

Robin said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I tried embroidery with silk floss for the first time just recently on my Feb BJP (not quite finished yet, but pictures soon). I was concerned about the slipery quality of silk. But, in fact, it was very easy to use and I love the results. I used three strands; whereas with cotton floss, I would have used 2. Robin A.

sparkle jars said...

Your post put me in a great mood. I'm glad you are feeling better.

Judy said...

I'm glad you are feeling better and what a great post. I love the pictures of your "stuff". I need to see my therapist soon. I've been neglecting her.

Willow Witch said...

OH Pat, look at all the yummies, I need to hit a really good flea market. That is what is missing...I love to find treasures..Glad your feeling "normal" again...

TattingChic said...

Those are some beautiful treasures you've found there! Have fun with them! I just know you're going to make something beautiful with them! :)

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