Sunday, January 3, 2010

"Rather than Resolutions"

Well, here we are...January 3rd already! Do you make resolutions? I don't. It's extremely hard to keep them and when you fail to keep them, it makes you feel lousy.
At least, that's the way I look at it. I'd much rather just make an effort to accomplish matter how I will feel GOOD about myself. None of these profound, grandiose resolutions for me! You and I both know I will not lose that weight, I won't make a monthly list of menus to save time and money, I won't clean the house every day, and it's pretty likely I will also not blog everyday, etc. So, I don't make a list of resolutions.

Do I have goals? Sure. But I prefer to keep them between me, myself and I. That way if I one knows but me. When I meet a goal, I like to tell about it and when I fail...well there we are one knows unless I choose to tell about it. Sometimes I tell though because confession is good for the soul, they say.

What I do find myself doing around this time every year, is getting things in the Nest in order so I have a better chance of getting work done. I like to start off the year with high hopes of accomplishment and remember, I am obsessive/compulsive, so getting things in order so I can think of what I WANT to do rather than what I NEED to do is important. This weekend, I spent some time making things in this little house all neat and organized...including my list of "to-do's." Now, I can just dive right in and work/play/study/dream without too many distractions over where things are, etc. So, I'm all orderly now and ready to get to work.

Here you can see much of the Nest! When I am in the midst of 'making things' this place can really get into a mess, but I love to start out 'fresh' with each major project. Right now it looks pretty good. This can change!

My friend, Brenda, gave me this little pillow. Immediately, I knew it was telling me to make up my mind what I wanted to do for 2010 and go for it! After all, the only thing really stopping, well, ME! So, what about you? What do you want to do?
Well, whatever it is...go for it...we'll encourage each other.....meantime, take care and enjoy this new year. pat


Raggy said...

No New Year resolutions for me either. Thank you for posting pictures of your wonderful workshop, I am Sooooo envious.

Anonymous said...

You inspire me. How big is that cute pillow?

Anne said...

Amen! Love the neat nest and the bright lighting!

I, too, neatened my sewing room last night.

Thanks for sharing your talents and your wisdom.

brenco1 said...

I love looking at "the nest" neat or tidy because it is YOU. You go for those things you want to do and I know we will love hearing about the ones you accomplish, and not hearing about the ones you don't. Happy New Year!!!

Pat said...

To Anonymous: You asked the size of that 'cute' I measured's 7 1/2 inches x 9 1/2 inches. Glad you are so inspired!!!

parasols and maryjanes said...

Your room takes my breath away!! I would love to live out there. Amazing. May I bring my sleeping bag?

Linda's NEST said...

Love your room... And I adore the large cutting table that you have. Can you shre where someone could get one???

sparkle jars said...

That pillow has an incredible message. Love the "nest". Is that a painting or print in the first picture (buttons)? It's wonderful. :-)

makemeamemory said...

Oh my goodness! What a wonderful space to work in. It would take me at least a month working every day to even come close. You are envied!

fiberdoodles said...

Oh I'm loving this pillow!!

The Nest is lovely! A new look for the new year ~ love it!

Resolutions, Oh yes, a big tradition in this household. We write them out, place them in a sealed envelope and place them in our Christmas stockings to get packed away for the year. Why in the stockings? So we don't loose them (ha). Then New Year's day we get them out and read them out loud, have a good laugh and put them right back where they were and hope for a more productive and "skinnier" year!

parasols and maryjanes said...

I just love this room and especially your new years blog - I feel exactly the same way about the resolutions.
thanks for sharing your lovely room and thoughts.

Jaybird said...

A smart lady that we both know once gave me an embroidered quote that said " A messy house is the sign of a creative mind"...that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!!!! I am having covetous thoughts about your work room though! Wow!! My work area is about 5' square and includes DH's desk and file cabinet. It also has a chair for Princess Posie who thinks she has to help me whatever I may be doing!! Yikes!!
Happy New Year!

TinyBear said...

Hi Pat
Thank you so much for visiting over at my place and for entering my giveaway.
Love that pillow quote :D
happy New year
~ Tina

Rose Haven said...

Happy New Year Pat!!! I'm with you...NO New Year's Resolutions! But, I do have a HUGE To Do List!! And a deadline by which some of the things need to be done!! Plus, I'm starting to bring back some of my weekly memes...which will keep me posting!

Great saying on that pillow!! Loved it!!


Jackie said...

Your 'nest' is fabulous. Youare so fortunate to have sucha beautiful wporkspace with big tables and room to walk around them. I hope you acheive your private goals for 2010.

Cherry Hill Cottage~ said...

I also love your "nest"...
you know what I "saw" that really loved!! That cute "RED" truck!

love your place!

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