Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"My Friend's Fabric Baskets"

Hey There! I'm back from the retreat two days now and just unloaded my car a couple of hours ago. Things have been hopping here at the Nest and there just hasn't been the time or enough extra energy to unpack and get to work. I took several photos out at our AWOL retreat and am trying to sift through them to decide what I want to show you. So, there will be at least two more posts concerning "my weekend," maybe three.

Tonight, I'd like to show you some fabric baskets made by my friend, Carol Ann. Carol Ann likes to cut up hundreds of yards of fabric in narrow strips both to make her quilts and then, also, to make these absolutely gorgeous baskets. And, I do mean hundreds of yards of fabrics. Here I am showing you just SOME of the baskets she brought, one 'in process.' I placed some of them on an ironing board because the way we work at AWOL pretty much means there isn't a table with a square inch of clear space to photograph items on. We do love making our messes with fabrics, ribbons, trims, and in my case...embroidery floss and beads.

I've never made one of these baskets....as you know, I don't really enjoy sewing on a machine but prefer 'handwork.' Carol Ann, however, is a sewing machine queen and can do this for hours! So, to describe how she does it isn't simple for me. I do know that she cuts many, many yards of bias strips, then wraps them around cotton clothesline, then zigzags the strips together. How she manages to keep them in shape as she sews is a complete mystery to me though. She makes these baskets in all kinds of sizes and I must say I certainly do lust after them...and she has made them on lots of different colors also. If you have any questions you can contact Carol Ann through her blog and also see some of her work.

The work that is done at AWOL is just amazing. From Carol Ann's baskets, to crazy quilting, to all kinds of beautiful pieced quilts, to applique, it's all there...beading too. So, stay tuned this week to see more! Hope you are all well....see you soon. take care, pat


Micah Holden said...

Hey! Didn't even know you were going to a retreat... Fun!! Love the baskets! So excited about the Gallery...Studio. Very excited to have the fabulous Patricia, fiber artist extraordinaire, and mom to on board...(if i'm giving away a secret, feel free reject this comment :)

Dolores said...

What lovely baskets.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pat,
Thanks so much for covering me on your Blog! What a lovely write-up.
So glad you like my bowls, I have photos on my Facebook page and my Blog - www.quiltbythemile.blogspot.com
I really enjoy reading you Blog, and EC was proud to see that you did a space on me.
Thanks again,
Carol Ann

Anne said...

Fabulous baskets, Pat. Tell your friend that I am very impressed. Not only are the baskets functional, they are a work of art. So neatly done, too.

I was intrigued by the Chinese comment you received. I translated it through Google to learn that it states: "Thanks for sharing a good article." Maybe the world gets a bit smaller every day. Just goes to prove that art transcends language and culture barriers!

You are an artist and an ambassador of American creativity, Pat!

Gaby Bee said...

These fabric baskets are simply wonderful! I would love to see them in person. Gaby xo

Maggie Ann said...

Those are beautiful baskets. However does she do that on a sewing machine? I've seen coiled paper baskets that are wonderful...at TJ Macs...I don't know if I've spelled that right.

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