Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bird Nests

I'm out in the Nest this morning hoping to get some work done....see the sign here at my door.
"Work in Progress" it says. The sign was a gift from my daughter. She thought I'd write witty little messages on it for my own amusement, leave notes for people, etc. Not much wit contained in the phrase 'work in progress.' However, had I written "well, not always" underneath, there would have been a tad of humor there.

So, this morning, let's just say I'm out here mulling things about in my head, while enjoying some of the 'stuff' I have out here. I suppose from my blog name "Bird Nest on the Ground" you can tell that I appreciate birds. And, I have a little selection of bird's nests in here at the moment. They have stories.

The one on the left we found just recently. Richard went out to the front yard to check the water in the bird bath we have under a tree out there. No water....but a bird's nest sitting right side up in the birdbath. Naturally, he called me out there and I immediately took possession of the nest. It's just perfect! There were some pieces of egg shell on the ground....Robin's egg I hope the little ones learned to fly and safely flew! I notice there is a new Robin's nest in the tree now. The egg in this nest, we found lying on our deck a couple of weeks ago. There isn't a tree within twenty feet of the deck, so how did it get there? It's a speckled egg...I've no idea from what bird.

The one on the right isn't a 'real' nest. It was given to me by my friend, Bibi, just last week. Isn't it cute? And, it's complete with a very sweet painted bird on an egg. I'll find just the perfect place for it and enjoy it for a long time. Thanks, Bibi!!!

The little nest in the front has a neat story. I was at one of our quilt guild retreats, busily getting ready for a class, when one of my friends walked in with a surprise for me. Laura held out her hands, one held over the other, palms together, and said "Guess!" Well, of course, I had no idea what it was. Well, she said, "I was out on my early morning walk and found this on the ground....knowing you had a 'bird nest on the ground', I thought you should have it." She opened her hands and there was this tiny nest. And, I've had it ever since. The egg in it, I found in my backyard. Aren't they sweet? This nest is about three and a half inches across. The large one on the left is about eight inches across.

Yes, I love these cute nests.....and as I'm working on a bird pincushion for a reader far away....I can look at them for inspiration. How lucky I am!!! take care out there, pat


Riet said...

What a gorgeous photos Pat.

Hugs Riet.xx

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

They are wonderful!

Francien said...

You will show us the pincushion when it is finished...won`t you Pat?!...i would love to see it...i know already that it will be stunning as your pincushions always are..lovely pictures of the bird nests is amazing how those awesome little birds has the energy to and know how to make such beautiful nests...and your pictures of the earlier post is very familiar...we have that kind of weather ones a month in the autumn...the big hail is scary somethimes..
So...just one more working day and its weekend again..looking forward to that..succes with your" work in progress"
greetings Francien.

Vivian said...

I would love to see the pincushion you are making. Lots of visions dancing around in my head.

sparkle jars said...

I enjoyed catching up on your posts over a cup of coffee this morning...always a treat.

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