Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Oh, Hail!"

Yesterday was another day of storms around here. I'm not complaining as I actually like stormy weather. Yes, I know...I'm weird. We had thunder and lightening, with the kind of rain that comes straight down and looks just gorgeous. I always want to walk in that kind of rain and would except for the lightening.

When I was a kid in Texas, other children would go outside after a rain and walk in the water at the curbs. Up and down the street, laughing and splashing. I always want to do that, but my mother always said "YOU are not playing in that water...YOU will get polio!" So, I never got to do it. I can remember watching them with my nose pressed to the window glass, thinking "are they going to get polio?" Fortunately, none of them did.....I never asked my mother why I would and they didn't.

Anyway, yesterday, during all the thunder and lightening and looking out the window...it began to hail. We don't see that very often, thank goodness, so I got out my trusty camera and took some photos. In fact, I stepped out the back door to snap these, looking toward the Nest. The hail stones were about the size of marbles. Right afterward, I came out here to do some work....a rather nice afternoon from my viewpoint.

A stormy Monday afternoon topped off by working in the Nest with the door wide open so I can hear the birds and the weather....can it get any better than this? take care, pat


Vivian said...

I like the rain. I don't even mind the thunder and lightning. It is the ferocious winds that bother me. Sounds like you had a great afternoon.

Diane said...

My mom never let us play in the water either, saying we would get polia. I never understood it either, but back then we didn't question.

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