Monday, May 24, 2010

Hydrangeas in Bloom 2010

Wonder of wonders....I have hydrangeas blooming AGAIN this year! It's a miracle! As I've said here before...I usually have a talent for killing plants and so am surprised to see these gorgeous blooms. I think this is the third time since I planted them...a record for me. Aren't they fabulous?

As you can see, they are varied in color...I've no idea how they get that way. On the way to my daughter's home, there are some in the darkest pretty, and at my doctor's office this morning, one of the nurses had brought in some from her garden...white, pink, blue and that great lavender color. What a treat for the eyes!

Well, yes, I know you can put nitrogen on them for one color, etc., but as you know, I am not a gardener, so really can't swear what to put on them. As I always say...I can sew flowers, but I rarely can grow flowers. I think I prefer just taking a look every day to see what I know...that 'life is like a box of chocolates' thing. I enjoy all the different colors. Just like in real life. Have a beautiful day out there...take care, pat


Erin in MI said...

Pat - they're gorgeous! Well done :) The only time I tried hydrangeas, I managed to drown the poor things. I am doing better with the perrenial garden we put in last's fun seeing if things will bloom this year or not. So far so good!

Caron said...

They are so beautiful! My son's bride will be carrying hydrangeas in her bouquet when she walks down the aisle in July.

fiberdoodles said...

They are so pretty. I have only one that is blooming this year. I don't have much of a green thumb either but I sure love it when flowers do what they are suppose to do :0)

ChrisTea said...

Bee-u-ti-ful!!! Mother Nature sure knows what a feast for the eyes is!

Threads-r-Flying said...

These are absolutely gorgeous!

Judy Hartman said...

Pat, these are absolutely gorgeous! I am the same kind of gardener, but do have an Endless Summer Hydrangea bush that blooms away summer through fall! A bit early for blooms here in Boston, but love looking at yours!

Peonies & Magnolias said...

So beautiful. Our hydrangeas are just starting to show a light pink/purple, hopefully by next week we will have color also. Have a great day.


Francien said...

The are awesome of my favorite flowers, i have dried them and made some beautiful wreaths with them...not all dried up in that nice blue-ish color...or dried up at all..its quit difficult to know when to cut them and most of the time that is when the are looking so great in the garden...I know they say to put a rosty long nail in the soil underneath the plant close to the stam and it will give blue flowers...i dont care really... love the deep red color as well.hope they come back here in my little garden this only room for one plant but he is blooming every year untill now and gave me lots of gorgious flowers..
thanks for sharing the pictures...greetings Francien.

FredaB said...

Hi Pat

You r hydrangeas must be in the perfect place. They all look so healthy green and with flowers. I guess we are way behind you because mine are still slowly growing and I can hardly wait to see what I get this year. some years no flowers and last year 3 which I dried. Maybe in 10 years I will get enough for a wreath.



Cathy K said...

Lovely hydrangeas!! You must be doing something right, LOL. What kind of exposure to they have? South? West?? Mine is north, and I think it probably wants more sun..... Hugs, Cathy

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