Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just for Fun: The Nest/Studio

The flower bed containing those wonderful hydrangeas I showed you earlier this week is along the wall of our garage. If you walk along that bed, you will see what I call 'the Nest,' my studio.
It's just a wonderful place. My favorite place to be. The place that holds all my 'special stuff.'
My treasures.

Other people might not consider it so. Then, again, some do and they are special people to me.
The house I live in has a porch all along the front of it...with porch swings...we are not out in the country, but I like thinking I am. So, when we built 'the Nest' we made a porch all along the front of it too. You can see it here. I have retractable clotheslines on that porch....sometimes when I know someone is coming to visit...I hang old aprons, clothing....vintage stuff, sometimes a quilt. It looks so old-fashioned that way and it makes me smile. Wish I had done it before I took these photos, but truthfully, I just now remembered I could have done it. Well, maybe next time.

You can see my little red wagon though. That old navy man gave it to me for Christmas a long time ago...I wanted one to pull around the yard. I've parked it in several places around the yard....and filled it with various things...these are just temporary...but isn't this cute!

On my little porch, I have a wrought iron table between the chairs. On that table here you see my little bird feeder which is filled with buttons rather than bird seed. Some of my relatives make fun of me for putting buttons in odd places...I just smile and keep on doing it. There is a little bird in a nest, and a vintage flower pot with the cutest zinnias in it. Nothing extravagant or elegant here, just simple things. My kind of things.....just for fun! Take care out there, pat


brenco1 said...

Well it is my favorite place LOL

Francien said...

Oh Pat...when i saw your post i almost jumped up...there is some surprise in there and you will see for yourself if you just wait a`t tell you yet..nothing big.. its another thing that makes you smile i hope..what a great place you live lookes so beautiful and peaceful..what a lovely "places" you have created that red waggon..
greetings Francien

Mayleen said...

Oooh, I wish I had a nest! Very nice and I can see why you love it so. I especially like the porches!

Teresa said...

Hi Pat,

I follow your blog and share a love of buttons. As a child my grandmother would let me play with her large tin of buttons. She always promised they'd be mine someday. I don't know what happened to those buttons, but I collect vintage buttone myself now.

We're getting ready to move to our dream home in TX soon. I will have my own nest! Do you mind if I borrow your idea of displaying buttons in strange places? They look so cute in the bird feeder!

Pat said...

Teresa, I am so happy to hear that you will have your own NEST! And, in
Texas (my old home) at that...of course, you can use my idea of using buttons in 'strange' places. By the way, I highly doubt I'm the only one doing feel FREE and ENJOY. Then, later....let me see where your buttons are. I may want to borrow an idea from you! take care, pat

Vivian said...

I really like your studio, especially the front porch. I always said I wanted a big front porch. But, I am in my second home and still don't have on. Maybe in a few years when we downsize.

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