Monday, February 28, 2011

More February Hearts and a Giveaway Winner

Well,'s late on Monday, February 28th. Another whole month of 2011 has managed to by. Where does it go? You know, I'm a listmaker. Among the lists I make are ones listing things I'd like to do NOW, do in the future....and some I just dream about doing. I find this speedy passage of time damaging to my various lists. There just doesn't seem enough hours in the day to get IT ALL done. So, I suppose it's true: I'll never live long enough to do all I want to do and create all the things I long to create. Someone asked me recently if I ever get bored. Well, I find laundry boring, but I do it anyway. Sewing, hunting and gathering, beading and all that wonderful stuff is NEVER boring. With that in mind, I'm going to show you some 'more February hearts' I've gathered and announce a giveaway winner tonight. Now giving something away sounds great to me.

First of 3rd Anniversary Giveaway Winner is Amy from Oklahoma. You might want to visit her blog here. (Thank you, old navy man, for choosing the number!) I'm happy to send her the pincushion, candy and miniature landscape shown in my previous post. And, a word to all who commented in hopes of winning - who knew there would be 98 comments? I was thrilled so many wanted to win. Also, your comments made me feel pretty darn good and I thank you for that and your continued visits to the Bird Nest! It's been such a fun three year experience and I'm looking forward to continued blog posting and more sharing in the future too.

Now...more hearts. How about this really red glass votive candle holder? I love it...simple, red, and really heavy glass. Adds a little festive touch to cozy up my house. My daughter gave me this twig heart with the tiny pink glitter heart perched on a wire. It's a little flower holder...with that little glass vial to hold water. Of course, when I took this photo...there wasn't a flower anywhere in this house to add to the photo. Still, cute isn't it? I found this green striped glass vase at the flea market.'s very heavy and so cute.

I have a small collection of clear glass heart boxes and tiny heart-shaped dishes. Here are some of them. You never know when another one will show up. And, lastly, a necklace I've had since the early 90's. I gathered the metal hearts and glass beads from various places, adding them a few at a time. I don't like wearing it...too heavy and it makes too much noise as I move around. It looks much better on my studio mannequin than it ever did on me anyway!

So, there you are. More hearts and a lovely giveaway winner. I suppose February can end with a show of hearts from my place to yours....and thank you again for all those wonderful comments. 98....who knew? take care out there, pat

PS. I just noticed the's March now...see how fast the time goes?


Thearica said...

Congratulations to the winner! I know she will be tickled pink to receive such a treasure!

March comes in with winds this year for us... but isn't that normal... March winds bring April showers...and April showers bring May flowers...

Isn't it an awesome thing how it is set in motion. :)

Amy said...

Are you pulling my leg? I don't win stuff! You must mean some other Amy! lol

Thank you so much! I'm super excited! It couldn't come from a nicer person!

Thank you too, Navy Man, for picking me!!!!!

FredaB said...

Beautiful collection.

I too cannot believe we are into March already. Our time here is getting smaller and I have not done half I wanted to do. I was hoping to at least get my quilt put together before we leave. Hopefully that will happen.



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