Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some Re-Arranging and a New Blogger

I haven't posted for longer than I intended as I have been busy re-arranging some things in the house. It's fun when you don't have to do it....but I HAD to do it seemed more like WORK! The grandson and his wife got a new apartment and since they did not have much in the way of furniture....and my house could burst anyday....I gave them several pieces from the house.
This led, of course, to said re-arranging. I've been at it all week as I move lots slower than I used to. All the work is done now (except for some never stops, does it?). So, I decided today that I would show you a teeny bit of it. Teeny.

When you walk inside my front door, there is a little alcove immediately to your left and another on the right. This one is on the left. Just last week, there was a little dresser here...which now resides in my dining room. The little red chairs used to be in the dining room - sitting beneath a family quilt I made with lots of red in it. My friend, Jim, always said those chairs were in the wrong place, so when I needed to move something old/but new into the alcove I chose these chairs. The quilt wound up in the living room. Confusing to you, I know.
Hanging over the chairs is a heart quilt I made quite a while ago. I bring it out every once in a while and hang it for my own enjoyment. I think it looks pretty good hanging over my little chairs. Also in this alcove, are several kid/doll chairs. I seem to collect them and these are a few from the collection. My friend, Judy made the doll and gave it to me. She 'goes' with everything I have.

On the opposite wall, there is a framed quilt block belonging to my late friend, Sharon. Her grandmother made it long ago. Above it is one of my favorite things....a framed print of a quilt. You have to look really closely to see that it's a print and not 'the real thing.' I'm inspired by it and one day, hope to make one similar. The squares are six inches...and I think it would be fun to design sixteen six inch blocks of my own for this wonderful 'look.' Who knows...someday I may actually do it. (This photo was taken from the side as those little alcoves are only 55 inches wide...hard to take a proper photo and get the whole quilt in the picture and without a reflection in the glass!)

A heart....a closeup of one of the blocks in my wall quilt. This quilt was made with 'leftovers' from other quilts. It's one of my favorites.

Now for that new blogger I mentioned. I have a dear friend. Tom. For years I have wanted him to have a blog of his own to show you all his wonderful work. He loves to share with others the design ideas, fabrics, threads and techniques he puts into his quilts. They are WONDERFUL. You may have seen him on HGTV back when Alex Anderson had the show, Simply Quilts. I'm betting you will enjoy his blog, as I know I will, so why don't you stop in for a visit HERE.
Tell Tom I sent you!

Hope you are all well and that March brings you lots of wonderful days! take care, pat


Shannon Young said...

If I ever grow up, I want to be just like you.


Thanks for letting me know about Tom's blog! said...

Can't wait to see all of this up close and personal. Maybe soon.

Christy said...

If you're trying to "guilt" me into starting spring cleaning ... well, I'm sitting here with my fingers in my ears! hahaha. I'm fighting the itch to start - just a few more days! :-D
Your alcove looks really nice, Pat.

Bonnie said...

Love what you have done. I am trying to get organized, too. I am getting a new sewing cabinet. Can't wait to organize it!

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