Monday, March 28, 2011

From My House to Yours...'s Monday night and I promised I'd let you know who would be receiving the twelve hand-written letters and my original embroidered basket pattern. I have to say that there were more requests than I ever thought I'd receive. For some reason, I thought not many would be interested in a letter from me, after all, letters do seem to be 'things from the past.' And a letter from 'me'....what's so hot about that anyway? I'm happy to say some of you ARE interested in my letters and that pattern too. Who knew?

My blog received 9 comments on the 'letter' post. And, my email received TWENTY-FIVE requests for a letter. This includes, of course, those making the nine comments. I'm just amazed. The old navy man and I have had a conversation about these twenty-five people. (He's amazed too!) We've decided that EVERY ONE of the twenty-five should receive a letter because your sentiments about receiving a letter were so wonderful. So, my dear blogging friends....I said I'd mail them next week, but I will require a bit more time to write them all and I'm going to my guild retreat this give me an extra week or so.

There is a small issue...addresses for a few of, Nicki Lee, Patti and Robin, I'll need your addresses, please send them via email for your privacy.

I've chosen to show two of the cards I'm sending out to you in this post....the two with beautiful doorways. I've decided these represent the letters leaving my house and traveling to yours.
Thank you all for your interest in my letter 'idea' and making me feel really good about an idea I thought you might find odd. So, look for your letter in a couple of weeks and I hope you enjoy them and, once again, you've 'made my day.' Take care, pat


CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello from Michigan, I am very happy I will be one of the many getting a lovely letter from you. I am sure we will all looking forward to them. Thanks for your kind give away. Hugs Judy

Kathy said...

Thank you. I'm amazed that you would write to each one of us but I'm glad you are. Enjoy your retreat and I will be waiting by the mailbox for your card.

FredaB said...

You are wonderful to do this and I hope the hand holds out.

Enjoy your retreat. I am going to the CQ Grand Adventure in CT. starting Apr. 7th - returning 10th.



Robin said...

Pat, Thank you! You are so kind. I am having trouble when I click on your e-mail. If you could e-mail me at I will give you my mailing address. ~Robin~

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