Thursday, March 24, 2011

Twelve Letters

A couple of days ago, the old navy man and I were watching tv and one of the commercials for the Post Office came on. For some odd reason....who knows how these conversations come about....I guess one thought just leads to we ended up talking about receiving cards and letters from family and friends. A rare thing these days. Rarely a letter comes our way and even cards can be sent via cyberspace. And, we, of all people shouldn't complain, as we rarely send them either. We decided this was a sad thing...but perhaps 'just the way life is' in the 21st century.

Needless to say - but here I go - it made me want to write a few letters. Just so somebody out there might receive one and know that a handwritten letter is not impossible in 'this day and age.' Because I am always trying to find things to post on this blog that might be interesting in some crazy way....I've decided to propose something....something you may actually find silly. (An even better reason for doing something!) I'm going to send you a hand-written letter!

Oh....I think I got carried away...I can't send everyone a letter even though I'd like to, so here's what I will do - if you are interested in receiving a letter from me....kindly click on my 'complete profile' on the sidebar, click on the word EMAIL and send me your name and mailing address. (I don't want you to include your mailing address in a comment!) I will have that old navy man randomly select a MAXIMUM of TWELVE names. Each of the twelve will receive a hand-written letter from me sent in one of the cards I have pictured on this post. I will also send the pattern for this embroidered basket along with a photo copy of the original, both shown here. No strings attached....just something personal from me to twelve of you.

I've been saving this box of greeting cards for a long time and would enjoy using them in this way. I love the thatched roof houses and all those flowers, they so remind me of my beloved French Knots! The embroidered basket piece was done several years ago and the original was given to a friend, but the copy looks pretty good, so maybe you can 'imagine' how to use it in some way. What do you think? You in the mood for some 'real' mail?

I will select the names Monday, March 28th, at 10:00 p.m. and will actually mail the letters April 6th-7th. (I'm willing to send these letters anywhere in the USA, or elsewhere on the planet, if you are interested in being one of the twelve!)

This could be considered a weird kind of 'giveaway' if you think about it and now I'm wondering just why I think anyone 'out there' might want something written in my surprise me!
take care, pat


Sharon said...

Hi Pat, why you ask well because it would be written from the heart...and in my opinion that is worth more than lots of other stuff. I would love a handwritten letter from you. Take care.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Patricia, What a truly lovely idea. I would be thrilled to received a hand written letter from you. I truly admire your stitching and those English Cottage Garden cards are unqiue and beautiful. I could see me stitching one of those scenes. I wish you both a great week. Hugs Judy

Kathy said...

Hi Pat,
I would love to receive a hand written letter from you and the English Cottage Garden cards that you plan to use are charming. I make greeting cards as a hobby so I also write cards and save each one I receive from friends.

fiberdoodles said...

Pat this is a wonderful idea! Handwritten notes are such a sweet and personal gift that are not shared enough these days. And on pretty stationary or in a beautiful card makes it even better.

Peonies & Magnolias said...

I think this is a wonderful idea and would love a note from you. I hope you have a great weekend.


Cathy K said...

Pat, I think this is a lovely idea! I still write notes now and then; it gives me an excuse to use beautiful stationery or cards! And your idea fits in so well with those of us who love the “old fashioned” needle arts. And we won’t even get into penmanship.... Also, it would be fun to write a note back to you! Hugs, Cathy

Robin said...

Dear Pat, How I long for the days of hand written "thank yous" and letters from friends and family! Your blog has touched my heart and thrilled my soul many times. I would be honored to recieve a hand written letter from one as talented as you! ~Robin~

Nicki Lee said...

Hi Pat,

What a lovely idea. I've always loved writing letters and cards and receiving them has always been so special. I actually have a file cabinet full of letters and cards that I have received from husband,sons, family and friends over the years. One fromy ou would be extra special.


Anonymous said...

Pat, This is a wonderful idea. I would love to receive a hand written note. Thank you, Patti

Brenda said...

Oh it is too bad I had not been keeping up with my Google Reader at this time. I would have loved to receive a letter and your pattern. Very sweet thought and so out of the ordinary.

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