Monday, April 18, 2011

Another Chapter in the Pat Eaton Saga

By the title of this post, you are probably wondering what in the heck I'll be talking about today. By the photos, you may be confused. Not to worry, I'm telling a little story additional chapter in my life story...and just so you know...I've got a talent for getting myself into a mess. (As you read this, think of Lucy and Desi...a couple we sometimes identify know..he's trying to make a living...she's always getting into trouble, sometimes with hilarious results!)

The flowers were sent to me today by my favorite son, Scott. Aren't they pretty? Being a very excellent son....he called today and was told about this 'chapter.' He tried not to laugh, really, he did, but laugh he did. Then he turned serious, wished me well and had to get back to work. Later in the afternoon, a florist van arrived with this gorgeous basket of flowers. So nice, so thoughtful, as he is. I appreciate him very I've also photographed some roses he's sent me in the past. I've dried these...and don't you think they still look great? I do. The flowers made me feel better.
Thank you, Scott!!!

So, the 'chapter' he was privvy to goes like this: Late last night I was cleaning up the 'after supper kitchen mess.' It was late and I wanted to get some sewing in before I went to bed, so I was in a hurry. I had roasted some chicken breasts and had lined the pan with foil. When cleaning, I just folded up the foil with the chicken fat, to carry it to the garbage. Do you know where I am going with this??? Yes, some of the grease leaked out of the foil as I turned, and of course my feet slipped in it and I went for a short, high, flight into the air. I cannot describe what happened, even though it seemed to happen in slow motion and I watched my left foot do some very odd things. When I landed, I heard a crunchy kind of popping noise. I just laid there. The old navy man was already in bed, but I screamed for help as loud as I could..with no response.

After about ten minutes, I managed to get up off the floor and make my way to the bedroom.
There he was watching tv...but he didn't hear my screams! Yes, he's deaf as a post!!! I knew it!
What's wrong with you? He said. "Well, I said, I needed didn't hear me....I've broken my foot!" (He DID clean up the kitchen floor!!) So....long story somewhat short....I went to the doctor first thing this a.m. and it turns out I have two broken toes, lots of bruising, and a very sore old body!!! (People ask us all the time how we have stayed together so long...well, he can't hear and I can't see...we need each other!)

After hearing my tale of were delivered. And, may I say - Scott, the doctor, the nurse and my sister, have all enjoyed a good laugh over this story. It IS funny, really it is. Chicken grease??? Who knew. (It would only happen to me!)

Now, the other part of the story. I had promised that those letters would be mailed TODAY!
Well, it never occurred to me that today was April 18th....the last day to mail in TAXES! So, after the visit to the doctor, we went to the Post Office. Yeah, I can hobble around, so did. And, waited in a very long line. Finally, I got to the clerk, only to find one letter did not have a zip code...and the clerk COULD NOT tell me what the proper zip code for that place was, he chastized me for using envelopes that had a clasp on the back, telling me not to use those any more and I'd have to remove those and find that zipcode at home....and then proceeded to enter the zips in his machine, to post those little paper postage strips on each of the 26 letters one at a time, while a crowd waited. (I had thought he'd just give me the stamps and I'd adher them to the envelopes! Guess that just isn't done these days!!) And, my foot throbbed.

But, guess's only a 'chapter' so it ends and another chapter begins. I'm happy I got my letters in the mail....and hoping my friends enjoy them. I'm happy I didn't hit my head on the cabinets, as my kitchen is tiny and it's a miracle I didn't injure myself in a much worse way. And, I'm happy to receive such glorious flowers. Then, too, I've given some people a good laugh. And, laughter is the BEST medicine. Even I am here, not laughing exactly, but smiling in a very large way! The saga continues......take care, pat


Brenda said...

OMGosh Pat, you're right, it's funny but yet it's not! You could have done some real serious damage to yourself!! Glad to hear that the "damage" wasn't too careful girl!!!


Sheila said...

Glad to hear your not seriously injured. Hope your feeling better soon. Beautiful flowers.

Christine said...

Sorry you got hurt Pat, broken toes are NOT fun, I've broken both little toes at different times. Try to take it easy or the healing will take longer. I could just picture you flying and falling, but I definitely didn't laugh (just a knowing smile!) Hugs from across the Pacific,
Hooroo for Christine XXX

Cathy K said...

So sorry about your toes, Pat! (sheesh, some people will do ANYTHING to get flowers, eh?) LOL. Seriously, glad you are alright overall - just be mindful of the grease next time. A lesson for all of us! Now enjoy some R&R. Hugs, Cathy

Peonies & Magnolias said...

I'm so glad you weren't more seriously hurt and that you got some gorgeous flowers in the bargain. I also think I would change post offices if possible. Take care.


Jackie said...

Oh dear..that was some feat. I am always doing the grease in the foil thing but mercifully not dripped or slipped. Look after yourself.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

You sound as graceful as I am!

I am so so sorry that you got hurt/ I am glad it was not something much worse!

FredaB said...

Dear Pat

I am so sorry for your fall but you are taking it in a good way.
It is amazing how little things like a bit of chicken grease can cause so much trouble. Of all the falls (including some myself) they are really from silly little things you wouldn't think of.

You have a wonderful son there and you must have been a good Mom - we reap what we sow.

Take care and maybe it is time to sit and do a little embroidery.

I am looking forward to receiving my letter.



Christy said...

Oh, Lordy, Pat!! hahaha I've had days like that. You take care, Hon, and don't go pushing it. Let it heal. Take care,

Jim Gatling said...

Oh Patricia Dianne Louise Matilda, Gertrude, I am so sorry! But as our friend Sharon used to say, "$#!+ Happens!" Now to make lemonade out of lemons.....Make a silk ribbon toe cozy pretty thing, it will fill up your day and make your toes happy again, and you'll have something new to post. Enjoyed our phone call! love you, Jim

Betty said...

My goodness your fall could have been serious - thank goodness you are ok - I think you need a dog in the house to bark loudly if you get into trouble!

Cindy P said...

I could just cry. You have the most beautiful handwriting I've ever seen. I'd give anything for my writing to look close to this good. My grandparents and even my parents had very nice writing skills. Nobody taught that anymore when I was growing up.

I'm glad my daughter has nice handwriting. She taught herself. I wish she'd teach me.

Thank you so much for the letter AND the beautiful pattern. I will keep that letter forever.

Mad skills, girl!

Robin said...

Dear, Dear Pat, Sorry to hear about your accident! Dang chicken grease! I didn't laugh out loud when I read your Saga, I just TeeHeed a little. I really felt very sorry for you. Now, about the crying part, Mr. Wonderful just brought your letter in from the mail box. I very carefully opened it an started reading it outloud. When I got to the verse my nose started burning and my eyes started watering. I became a blubbering mess! You have touched my heart and brought sunshine to a cloudy day! Thank you a million times! The card is beautiful, reminds me of Tasha Tudor. I hope to tackle the pattern soon as it will remind me of a very special person! Gratefully, Robin

Pat said...

Today I received a package in the mail containing two air horns. I seem to recall someone telling me that having those would have come in handy when I fell and couldn't get hubby's attention to help me. For the life of me...I can recall who said that and none of my comments or email indicate who. So....whoever you are...I got a good laugh today over that package...and now I'm all
'set' for the next 'esperience.' Thank you, whoever you are, for the thoughtfulness! pat

vicki said...

Well my friend- you certainly do deserve those flowers!! That's an shortfall right and YOU are very lucky that you are not injured any worse! It is so scary how things like that can happen so quickly! I should know- I am the Queen of clumsy!!

Be careful!! Happy Easter to you and your family!

Brenda said...

Oh my Pat so glad you are going to mend. At sometime I became a follower of your blog and I have not visited for quite a while. I have a tendency to become a follower and then not have time to sit and go through all the blogs I follow on the Google Reader. I just love so many blogs and seem not to be able to remove any. I have enjoyed reading these last few posts and hope to remember to come by again soon!

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