Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Quilt Story

Here's my story and I'm sticking to it. The present day version of this quilt story goes like this:
the other night I was walking up the front steps into the entry way and the light from the entry just grabbed me in a certain way...and the quilt hanging there...well, just made me stop and look and remember. I like the way it looks here in the entry. I just put it there a few weeks ago when I moved the buffet from the living room into the entry. You know how it is - you have to move a piece of furniture from 'here' to 'there' every so often. So, I took this quilt out of the quilt closet to hang over the buffet, then decided I had to also add that framed applique too. I made these pieces in 1990 and '91.

Then, there's the 'historical' version of this quilt story. It goes like this: Way back when - my quilt guild was having a class on a machine pieced Lone Star. You'll remember that I don't care for working by machine, so I had no intention of taking the class, then ALL my friends started harassing me because THEY were all taking the class, while I was not. I gave in, signed up and showed up on time expecting to be totally frustrated with the work. Of course, I really didn't want to miss being in the class since my friends were going to be there. It turned out better than I thought and I actually did make a wallhanging in that class, to hand quilt later. Not only that, but I thoroughly enjoyed my friends.

There is more. It turns out...I'm the only one of my 'group' who finished the quilt. After the handquilting, I decided to enter the quilt in the Houston Quilt Show. It was accepted and the quilt ended up winning 1st Place in the Traditional Handquilted and Appliqued Category. Now, really, you know yourself that nowadays...this quilt would not even GET INTO that quilt show.
But, back then it was a different story, and when I look at this quilt, I remember that class and how much fun it was to show off that quilt that I initially didn't even want to make!

That appliqued framed piece was just an extra block, so I decided I wanted to write on it, then frame it. I had named my pattern "The Wild Rose"....a version of many quilts back then. So, I found this verse and thought it would fit the block perfectly. As you will remember, if you read my blog often...I love writing on fabric.....and paper too, as I'm in the process of writing those 27 letters to some of you! Here is the verse:

"There's a rose looking in at the window, in every condition of life -
In days of content and enjoyment, in hours with bitterness rife
Where there's the smile of a woman, as bright as a beam from above,
'Tis the rose looking in at the window, and filling the dwelling with love."
Paul Mason James (1780-1854)

Well, that's my story. Even all these years later, I can enjoy that long ago class with friends, the quilt show and it's prize ribbon, and these days the quilt hanging in my entry. And, I do enjoy it. Hope you enjoyed my story. take care, pat

PS. I still have the ribbon....just didn't want to climb a ladder to get it out of a box on the top shelf....maybe another time I will.


Christine said...

I just love this colour combination don't you? Your quilt looks so at home in that position too, and has a lovely story to go with it. Thanks for sharing with us,
Christine in autumnal Sydney Australia

Julie Fukuda said...

I am now in the midst of hand quilting a lone star wedding quilt that I hand pieced. I know it would have gone faster by machine because I hand finished two lone stars my daughter had begun by machine and given up on after making the star. The journey is every bit as important as the destination. (with or without ribbons)

rlbates said...

Beautiful quilts, Pat!


hello Pat, WOW your quilt is truly beautiful. The hand quilting on it is exquisite. I can see why you won a ribbon with it. And most important I love your story. Great Memories, hey. I also Love the what you did with the extra block. And I love that Poem too. Lovely posting. Hugs Judy

Sherry said...

Gosh, Pat! I love the quilt, the buffet, and everything on the buffet! What a lovely vignette! But, then, I love your entire house. I wish all your readers could feel the coziness and comfort there!

Vivian said...

Pat, Lovely stories to go with a lovely quilt. Hope you and your husband are well. Don't you just love the long, sunny, warm days?

Jim Gatlng said...

I love this story! I love this quilt. But knowing you all these years I am in awe of the way you flip flop furniture, rearrange and hang different stuff. To move one thing in my house would take an act of congress, an interior decorator, and 6 illegals.

Jim Gatling said...

Thanks for the email, Pat. I think it was human "arrow."

Linda said...

Pat, the wall quilt is lovely! And that star center! Wow! I've never tried one. It's scary. The cat who owns me thinks I don't quilt enough. He's been napping on the Olfa mat, rubbing his face all over my Little Jem. His name is Jake and he would like to ask your cat how he manages to get you to actually work on a few projects instead of just collecting material. Jake likes material but he prefers to nap on wips. we both like the framed block.

Pat said...

Linda, I'm sad to tell you that my cat passed away last August, but he would have told you and your cat that he had no interest in my all.
He was quite a serious cat..preferring to spend time alone and making himself available for petting when HE was in the mood. Thanks for your interest...I think I'd like Jake. pat

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