Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Few New Flea Market Finds

This past Friday, I drove out to the edge of town...right off the Freeway, where a new flea market has opened. I heard about it 'through the grapevine" and it was open, but not all the vendors were set up yet. If you read my blog often, then you know I love going to flea markets on a regular basis. In my's what makes a habitual flea market shopper: #1, you must love other people's old stuff. #2, you must love to collect that stuff. #3, you must love a mystery, because you never know what you will find. #4, you must also like to talk about the stuff you collect with other people who are in the flea market shopping with you. People you don't even know. It's great fun! So, Friday afternoon....I went to size up the newest flea market in town.

It's huge! There are spaces for a LOT of booths. I've no idea how many....a hundred at least is my guess. Less than twenty, or so, were occupied, but like I said, it was really just beginning to open. So, I went to every single space with anything in it and looked around. Unfortunately, there wasn't much to attract my curiosity...and I tried! So, I'm hoping if I go back in a week or so there will be more vendors in there. IF not, well, I have my favorite places here in town and wouldn't think of much time going by without them having a visit from me!

So, here's what I found: a lovely pair of crocheted gloves with embroidered flowers on them...really cute, as you can see. I have several vintage gloves and can remember when people actually WORE them. Look at this green weighs practically nothing. I have never seen one like it. There is a row of white stitching around each bow motif. I'm thinking it would be really neat with something embroidered in the center and framed or something.

Then, there is the bowl. Well, ok, the color green...and beautiful flowers....all soft looking and vintage-y. Of course, I had to have it. It has such a pretty shape. I've photographed the markings on the back so you could see it. See, I like it because I just like it....but I know some of you are 'into' finding certain types of dishes. This one is so dainty and just 'suits' me.

I'm not going to tell you about the white hanky yet. I'll save that for my next post, as I have something similar I'll be wanting to show you at the same time. So, expect that in the next few days. And, of course, if I return to this new flea market....well, then I'll have to give you an update...especially if I manage to FIND something neat! Take care out there. pat

PS. As I always do....I will be having a birthday giveaway before long. Please stay tuned to see if you'd like to have something away for my own birthday is something I learned from Mr. G, and it really IS fun!


tinkartist said...

what do you consider good prices for the stuff you bought??? BTW...really enjoy your blog. Pam of

brenco1 said...

You have always been able to find some of the neatest things and I know you cherish everyone of them. You may need to give me directions or go with me one day, when things "slow" down. LOL

Nicki Lee said...

Oh those gloves are just adorable! You certainly have an eye for the pretty stuff... I'll ave to start hitting a few flea markets myself.

Jim Gatling said...

Boy, I'm sure glad you bought those. It saved me a lot of money!

Pat said...

An answer to the question asked by 'tinkartist.' If you are asking if, in my mind, I got a 'good deal'...I'll just tell you what I paid for these things and you can decide for yourself. The green bowl was $4, the gloves $2, the green hanky was $2. In my mind, the best deal was the white hanky, which I will tell you about next post. Sometimes I find some really good deals and sometimes I don't find a thing. Sometime I find some thing I LOVE and think I pay a tad too much for it, so it's all the the 'eye of the beholder' so to speak. I'm pretty picky about what I buy...but sometimes I just HAVE to have a certain thing I see, such as that sign a few posts back. I paid $40 for that because I consider it ART and it SPOKE to me.
So...I think the prices on the things in this post are 'good prices.' I sure appreciate your comments and thank you for telling me you enjoy my blog...means a lot to me. take care, pat

Sheila said...

Oh I just love your finds. The bowl is right up my ally and I'm just starting to get a few hankies.
When I visit my son in Jacksonville, I'm going to have to find out the names of your favorite spots.
Take care

Christy said...

Pat, I've said it before ... you find the nicest things at your flea markets! I just don't know how you do it. You must have alot of tasteful people in Arkansas who love to sell their stuff at flea markets. hahaha. I always enjoy seeing what you've gotten - even though I'm a bit envious of the items. :-)

Erin in MI said...

Hey Pat!! You got more than 5 pics in this post! I'm so proud of you :) And I think those gloves are my favorite, those bullion roses are gorgeous!! I wish we lived closer to each other, I don't know anyone that enjoys haunting a flea market around here...

tinkartist said...

thank you so much for the post back and for visiting my blog. I think that you committed robbery!! lol You did really good on the prices! Congrats and keep up the great work of saving things from the dump!!! That is really cool and worth the save!!! See ya round.

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