Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Little Peek at Some of My Quilts

During my time at the downtown studio today, I got the bright idea I'd give you a little peek at some of my quilts. I think you may have seen most, or even all, of these quilts at one time or other, but today I thought seeing just a 'snippet' of each might just tickle your fancy. So to speak.

These quilts are all hand-quilted. At least one is pieced. Some are appliqued. Some are crazy quilts. Some are embroidered. And, one is embroidered with silk ribbon. Some are a 'mixture.'
In this bunch....there are doll quilts, bed sized quilts, small, medium and large wall quilts. Some are beaded, but you may not see that part in these photos. One is really 'whole cloth' but looks pieced.

I've used cotton prints and solids, muslin, neckties and one of them was made with fabric from a relative's stash....the fabric as old as I am. Lots of DMC embroidery floss, cotton batting, and original patterns I have drawn over the years were used to create these quilts. No telling how many needles I've gone through. I used to quilt with a size twelve needle, but had to change to a nine as time passed by. I do needle-turn applique and use a size 10 Milliner's needle for that. I do hand embroidery. I love to write on quilts.

I haven't finished a quilt in two years or so. So much to little time. I do have an appliqued quilt in the quilt closet that really needs to be quilted. It's a big one. Maybe I'll get to that this year. But, for today, it is fun to have a tiny look back at some quiltwork I've done. If you want to see more of any of them...just let me doesn't bother me at all to show these quilts again.

And, look closely....on one you will see tiny embroidered hearts...remember, I will be showing you how to do those close to the end of February.

Hope you've enjoyed the 'peek' and that your 2012 is going well. take care, pat


Brenda said...

You have some beautiful looking quilts there Pat!!


Julie Fukuda said...

Such pretty details there. The embroidery enhaces every bit. One of these days I need to try it.

Caron Mosey - Michigan Quilts! said...

Oh, so very pretty!!!

Vivian said...

Oh those bring back memories of the afternoon I spent with you. Hope you and your husband are doing well.

Linda said...

How very lovely. Especially the hand quilting! Thank you for those close-ups. I need a quilt in the works right now's freezing in Maine! Linda

Patti said...

I enjoyed the look at your quilts, especially the crazy quilting. Beautiful.

Thearica said...

OH WOW!! They are gorgeous! And yes, I vote... MORE!!

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