Sunday, March 25, 2012

No Wonder I'm Technically Challenged!

I noticed late last night that my email was not working. A catastrophe!!!! There are some emails that arrive in my mailbox that I could not care less about. But, friends, blog comments, and YOU guys...well, I get into a panic if I can't get it. So, this a.m. I called 'favorite son' in California and he gave me another way to receive my mail. YEA!!! He will be here on Wednesday and will get his mom straightened out in no time at you can still comment and I can get them. You know I try to answer EVERY comment...unless there is no way provided for me to do that. And, I appreciate each and every comment I receive. Just so you know.

Anyway, I was thinking about how electronically challenged I am and thought of this vintage framed piece that hangs in my dining room. Someone gave it to us, least 40 years ago and I laugh everytime I look at it. Only problem now is, I'm beginning to compare my computer abilities to that sign!!

Hope you get a laugh too! take care out there, pat

PS. I forgot to say that the old navy man worked his entire adult life, and retired from, two different power companies (Texas New Mexico Power Company and Entergy - here in Arkansas)...except the time he spent in the Navy. A friend found this sign and thought he'd appreciate it and get a laugh out of it. We sure have!


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hi Pat
I'm pretty Technilogically Challenged too. I sure hope you will tell us how you got your e-mail the OTHER way just in case we need to know.

Did you ever delete one by mistake? Don't ever. You can't EVER get it back!!

Julie Fukuda said...

Ha ha! I really have to laugh at this one. I have this little touch pad and when you move the curser, it seems to guess where you are going and flip the screen ahead of you. Trouble is, more often than not, the curser is wrong and you have to start all over from scratch.
A few weeks ago, the curser took me to facebook. No, I did not want to go there, but try to get back ...The screen was all filled and there was no little rex "x" to click on. I tried all kinds of escape and reboot but still nothing but facebook. Finally I get a phone call from my #2 son in D.C. "Haven't heard from you in a while. How are things going"? Well in about five minutes the problem was fixed. Aren't kids the greatest!!! Too bad when they are living half a world away, but a Guru who can solve problems by remote... the next best thing.

Sheila said...

I'm pretty electronically challenged myself. I know how to do what I want, so if I have problems I have to wait til hubby comes home from work.

Anonymous said...

Great sign!! It's a very small world, my step daughter works for the legal department of Austin!
I have to shout for various kids to solve my "Technical" problems too. Kids are the greatest!

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