Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just another delay!

Well, it's 8:47 on Tuesday, March 6th. And, I'm WAY late to post something for you. So, I'm sending you a photo of my recent work...already delivered to Alabama and in my next post, I will show you more and tell you all about it. Just for now though....this is all I can do. You know I never talk about 'private' stuff, but since this is the second delay lately in my posting, I feel I need to explain. I was taken to the hospital Saturday night by ambulance. We thought I was having a heart attack. So the ambulance crew (such nice guys they were!) gave me those aspirin as you are supposed to and some nitro-glycerin and off we went. Only once in my life have I ever hurt that bad. Machines and blood tests, etc. showed it wasn't a heart attack........but something more like spasms in my trapezious muscle. It's Tuesday and I still have trouble moving my head and shoulder and my neck is not cooperating very well either, pain, pain, pain. I go back to the dr on Thursday. So, I HAVE thought of you..........but thanks to Valium and Hydocodone, I am mostly sleeping. I came out to the computer to pay bills....all of which are now late because I totally forgot about them...so I'm doing that then hitting the bed again. Please know that I will be back ASAP!!!

PS. And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my sister!!!!!!
You all take care, hugs, pat


Brenda said...

Oh my gosh Pat!! I am so sorry to hear this. Thank God it wasn't a heart attack although I do hope and pray for you that they find out what is wrong! My thoughts are with you friend!!


Vivian said...

Oh Pat, Larry is a paramedic. Too bad he couldn't have been there to take care of you.

You'll be in my prayers as you recover and heal.

fiberdoodles said...

Oh Pat I am so sad to hear this! I was so sorry to have missed you at AWOL. I hope you are feeling better real soon!! Don't make me come up there ;0)

love you my friend!

NickiLee said...

Hi Pat! Oh Don't scare us liek that - you are just to precious to be hurting! I'm sending you a big hug with lots of prayers for a fast recovery.

BTW - your pillow is GORGEOUS!!!!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hi Pat
I am so glad it wasn't a HA, but I hope you will tell us more about what happened. Do they know what caused it and given you advise about how to avoid it from occurring again?

Take good care.

Sheila said...

I'm glad to hear it wasn't a heart attack and hope you will be feeling better soon. Get plenty of rest and if you can keep us posted.

Beautiful work as usual.


Shannon Young said...

Good gracious, woman!!! How scary for you and for your family as well. Glad it wasn't a heart attack & hope you are right as rain very, very soon.

Hugs & more hugs,

Christy said...

Pat ... Things like that are not fun at all. Just rest and relax until you feel better ....your body is telling you to do just that! Wishing you peace and no pain. Take care of yourself. Looking forward to hearing from you again and telling us that you're feeling great!

Julie Fukuda said...

Wishes for a quick recovery are flying your way Take care and rest well.

Quiltgal said...

Oh Pat, how horrible for you and your hubby. I hope the paramedics were cute. Easy to joke now that you know it was not a Heart Attack. Take it easy a muscle spasm can be awfully sore. Many Hugs Deb

Anne said...

Bless your heart, Pat! I am glad you received good medical care, and I'm relieved that you did not suffer a heart attack. I hope your pain subsides soon. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. Take care.

Eddie Landreth said...

Oh, Pat! I guess we wore you out on Saturday! So glad it wasn't a heart attack. You take good care of yourself! Hugs from me and Melissa.

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear Pat! what a frightening way to spend Saturday night. EMT's are wonderful people aren't they?
I'm so happy that is wasn't a heart attack. You'll be on your feet and back at the computer much sooner.
Praying for your recovery.

NickiLee said...

HI Pat,
Just checking in on you to see if you are ok. Hope you are on the mend and are feeling better.

Sending a big hug!

Nicki Lee

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