Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Most Caring Gift

Well, finally! I'm back posting...sorry to have been absent for so long. I did enjoy having my favorite son here...and meant to post after he went back home...but I managed to get myself into a little 'slump' and just couldn't manage to get anything done. But...I've begun walking with a friend and that seems to have done some good, sort of boosting my energy level...plus I heard from a friend...one who reads my blog and I've never really met...but I know we are real friends..and she cheered me up. You know I love hearing from you all.

Yesterday, a box arrived on my front porch via my nice mailman. A heavy box. The old Navy man asked what I had ordered and, of course, I had to tell him I hadn't really ordered anything. Well, there is that last book I ordered from amazon.com, but it won't be coming for a while because it was a 'pre-order,' but this box, I knew nothing about. And, it WAS addressed to me. The minute I looked at the return address, I knew it was going to be special, because I knew it was from my blogging friend, Sandra.

And, boy, did she brighten my day!! In fact, she made me feel like a special person and really cared for. Everyone needs that once in a while and her timing was just fantastic! Months ago, she ordered one of my bird pincushions. She wanted a shorebird. It took a very long time for me to fill that order, but recently the 'bird flew to Alabama' and I am so proud she loved it! You can check into my archives and see it on my post of March 11 of this year.

Opening this box was so very exciting...yes, I like a bit of excitement just as you do...so it was FUN. Even the old Navy man enjoyed it. So here you see what all was in the box. There is vintage lace, vintage spools of thread...mostly silk. Does anyone ever have enough of those? I just love looking at them and I tried to photograph them so you could read the ends. There are buttons, some loose and some on cards. Trims. Needles. Pincushions....my VERY favorite is the pincushion made from a real acorn cap. So cute. Well, so is the little blue bird pincushion.
There are three red hearts. I swear I've never seen anything like these...they are red, velvety, and they are BEADS. I tried to photograph one so you could see the hole going all the way through. Wonder what terrific thing I can use those on? They feel great! There is a wonderful piece of fabric with birds and houses. OF course, it's cute too. I absolutely LOVE the laces...gives me all kinds of ideas.

I've opened the drawers to photograph the insides of the GORGEOUS little chest of drawers. I know I told you about my little collection of chests, as I love anything with drawers and shelves and such. Sandra has really paid attention to things I like....I know she read that post. Isn't this just the most beautiful little chest? I took pictures of the top, front, sides and it's even pretty on the back. It's heavy and it's extremely beautiful in person. I sent her an email telling her it was so beautiful that I shall leave it to one of the kids one of these days...but til then, it will be one of my favorite TREASURES. It feels good too...so smooth, it's almost 'soft.' I am just thrilled!!!

I need to hang the bird key rack somewhere useful...we DO have a time with keys here. Now, how did she know that? That pretty embroidered bird pillowcase is so sweet...how did she know I have an embroidered pillowcase collection....not all in sets of two...I like to mix and match. It's probably not what you are 'supposed' to do, but, that has never been something I would worry about...I'll love having this one!

What is amazing to me is that she reads my blog posts and evidently we 'connect.' That makes me proud.....as I do enjoy hearing from those of you who read the sometimes silly things I write.
And, too, I'm glad you enjoy my photos. No, they aren't 'professional,' but they are of 'real' things around the Nest and I'm so glad you like seeing them. Sandra told me her sister helped to pack the box. I like that too. I have one sister in Texas. We don't see each other often, but I can see us packing a box together. It would be FUN! Weren't they nice to do such a thing...yes, I believe they certainly were!

So, look carefully at the photos. As we all know...some of us have become friends just by reading each other's blog posts. And, when we post comments...it really helps us 'connect.' So, Sandra, THANK YOU so much for your comments...your lovely emails and the very special gift so lovingly packed by you and your sister. I am so HONORED!!! You have made my day....perhaps my whole month....and you've made me feel so much better! In all the world....there is not much better than family and WONDERFUL friends!!!

Hope you all enjoy the photos....especially my friend, Sandra. And, I hope you will return here to see what is next. Perhaps a photo from my favorite son's visit....and then, some 'art chairs.'
Meanwhile, take care my friends and thank you so much for spending some time with me. pat


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hello Pat
Getting a surprise in the mail always
lifts your soul. This little chest is just such a special gift, filled with lots of things you love, but mostly it's filled with love and THAT is what makes it really special.
xx, Carol

Julie Fukuda said...

What a super gift! The grain of the wood is so unusual on that chest and the contents are so "you"!

Anonymous said...

You are a very blessed lady to have such a caring friend.
Your blog posts make my day when you find the time to write. Have missed you this last week, but know that you have been enjoying your son's visit.
I'm so glad that you are feeling better and are re-energized again by this delightful gift.
Alice in Texas.

Shannon Young said...

Sandra has you down to a "t," my friend! All of those goodies just scream PAT! Don't even think of bringing that gorgeousness out to the next Ferndale retreat because I will definitely steal them (and we both know how sneaky and conniving I can be). Thanks for sharing your happiness with us. :-)

Anonymous said...

Pat what a BEAUTIFUL Gift!!!!! The wood on the chest looks like "Birds Eye Maple" or some type of burl. (I don't know for sure, that's just my guess :-) And all the goodies inside....I'd still be squealing!!!!! Although I'm new to your blog, I love what I see! Thanks!!

jim gatling said...

Oh, how nice!!! What a thoughtful gift! You are a lucky blogger!

Vivian said...

What a great surprise. I thought of you the other day when in Hobby Lobby I walked by a display of small drawed chests.

Jaybird said...

WOW that chest is some of the most beautiful birdseye maple I have ever seen!! Everything there is a treasure, but that chest is awesome and probably a handmade antique. You don't find beautiful wood like that anymore and the finish is gorgeous. Can you tell that I am jealous??? :^)
Have a good weekend,

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