Sunday, June 17, 2012

My New Old Log Cabin Quilt

  As promised the other day, here is my latest flea market find...a gorgeous vintage Log Cabin Quilt.  A couple of weeks ago, I made a visit to the flea markets in Beebe.  Well, I actually had to drive to McRae to pick something up from a friend's parent's home.  Since I was THERE and the flea markets in Beebe were 'just a scant few miles' away, a quick decision was made to visit them.  (I will show you what I went to pick up that day in my next post!)  This evening it was so pretty outside, I thought I'd photograph this quilt in front of my backyard studio - as you know - I call it "Bird Nest on the Ground."  
There are several flea markets in Beebe.  One of my favorites is Do Drop In.  I always find things there, mostly small things and I enjoy it a lot.  I usually visit "Buried Treasure" when in town, and found this time that it had changed hands and is now "Presley's Place."  This is what can happen if you don't frequent a can close.  Fortunately, new owners came along and the flea market stayed open.  And that is where I found this quilt. 

Months ago, my favorite son made me a gift of some cash.  His instructions were to spend it only on 'frivilous things.'  It was for my entertainment.   When I saw this quilt, I knew instantly that this could be one of my frivilous things if the price was right.  It wasn't marked.  (Don't you just hate that?) So, me being me, I took it up to the check out counter and asked if they could find out how much the vendor wanted for it.  A call was made.   To my surprise, I found that I could use that much and still have a good bit of my 'entertainment cash' left for other frivilous things.  Now, although you haven't seen anything I've quilted in quite a while - rest assured that I still consider myself a quiltmaker, and I know I would never hand-piece and hand-quilt this beauty for $70, so I whipped out my wallet immediately and bought it on the spot.  It really is all done by hand...except the binding is done on the machine.  Well, who knows why that part was done by machine, but it didn't bother me in the it is so beautiful.  And my favorite Log Cabin setting.
It does have curved corners.  Not my favorite thing...but, once again, the quilt is so fabulous, I did not care in the least about that.  The 'logs' are about half an inch wide....and that's another thing I love about the quilt.
The borders are quilted using diagonal lines and the rest is quilted in straight lines and also some fans.  Isn't it a happy and cheerful quilt?

Thought you might want to see the back too...although in this photo, you really can't see much.  Perhaps if you click to enlarge it will show up better.  I love the light shining on this quilt...just the right time of day to take photos of quilts....but, still, I could have done better on this part.
And, here is another photo of the quilt on the grass.  It looks so small, but is full size.  And, like I is gorgeous.  What do you think?

Hope you visit later in the week when I will show you 'that thing' I went to McRae for the day I bought this quilt.  I'll give you a hint or's green, large, not made of fabric and in this day and age.....completely frivilous!  (Thank you very much, my favorite son, Scott!!!!)

Hope y'all have a lovely new week...see you soon.  Take care out there, pat 


Christy said...

You did good, Pat! haha. The quilt is most beautiful. I've never seen a log cabin done with part of the squares just white. I really like it. Wonderful!

Jeanne Gwin said...

Pat, all I can say is OMGOODNESS! you hit a treasure trove there. Good for you. It is beautiful and I can't wait to see it on a bed. Good hunting and thanks for sharing. I think you may have bought a "green parrot"?

JLL24 said...

To be perfectly honest, and I really love quilts, this one, your 'new old log cabin', it is the most gorgeous quilt I have ever seen. It's hard to believe that anyone would have parted with it...I am truly envious of you and your frivolous quilt. Enjoy while I can only dream.

Jane S. said...

WOW! You really hit the jackpot there with that beautiful quilt. It has a good home now. :)

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

I just get the shivers when I come across a quilt like this. Hardly EVER do. And at that price! It's like you HAVE to rescue it. It's a beauty. Thanks so much for your recent message. I appreciate it so much. I just love knowing that you stop by!

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Claudine said...

Magnifique travail ! Tu as l’œil pour trouver les jolies choses ! Bisous

Thearica said...

I see a scammer got through to your blog as well... I had one too and was glad to see whoever it was get gone.

This log cabin is gorgeous!! I always love finding rare beauties like this and often wonder how people could ever let these quilts leave their families.

Their grandmothers made these quilts for goodness sake!

But not everyone is sentimental.

The Bird Nest on the Ground Studio

The Bird Nest on the Ground Studio
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A Bit of Heaven
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