Monday, October 1, 2012

A Re-Imagined Clock

A couple of months ago, I brought a clock from my house down to the 'downtown' studio.  The clock had been broken for a while and I could not find a replacement clock that would fit into that hole you see there, so I thought it might be fun to re-imagine it in some way.

One day, my friend, Patsy, came in for a visit and saw I was sanding the clock cabinet to prep it for it's 'new life.'  "What are you doing?" she said.  So, I explained about the broken clock and told her I was going to 'do something' but I wasn't sure what.  "I want it," she said.

"Well, I'm not sure what it's going to be, " I said.  "I don't care" she said, "I want it anyway."  "Well, what would you like in this circle?" I said.  "A photo of our new grandbaby" she said.  "I'll bring one."

So, this is the photo she brought...a copy of one, of course.
This is her son, with his daughter, age 5 or 6, I think, along with the brand new baby...another sweet girl.    Aren't they cute?  The clock is supposed to be set at 5:17 because Patsy and her hubby, Bob, got married on May 17th.  It wasn't exactly possible, or I would have covered up new baby's face, so here we are at probably 5:20!  There's a daisy there, as Patsy loves daisies and I had to put something there.....and the beads are there because I needed to cover up some paper edges.  Yeah, the clock face is barely visible, but why let a technicality stand in the way.

A close-up.  Pretty sweet,  don't you think?

I thought it needed birds.  You know me.  And, Patsy wanted the inside to be green.  We share's our favorite color!  So, let there be birds!!

 A couple of tiny birds inside the door. 

A larger bird and a butterfly on the back wall of the little cabinet.  FUN!  I didn't show the photo, but the drawer is lined in green too and has a butterfly flitting around in there!

This is the very top of the cabinet looking down.  I love the hardware on this little piece.  Did I say I bought this at a flea market several years ago?  It was a very dark reddish brown.  Until now.

Of course, I had to add something on the surface can be left 'undone!

More birds!

A close-up of those birds.  Evidently, they have a song to sing.  Now, the way I work, I would have added more to the back...but I ran out of time.  I never know when to quit, if you know what I mean.

A side view of the little cabinet.  It's about fourteen inches or so tall.  About six or seven inches across.  I loved the cabinet and I wasn't going to throw it away, even though I had no idea what to do with it.  So, now we's a 'birth announcement clock!"  I think Patsy should add her new granddaughter's birth date, weight all all stuff inside the door.
What do you think?

So, there you are....another project done!  Let's see, what can I keep from the landfill next?

Y'all take care out there.....and have some FUN!  pat


Julie Fukuda said...

Cute idea, and you can't have too many birds.

Patti said...

The birth announcement clock is beautiful, a lovely keepsake. I would place a locket of hair from the first haircut, and maybe stamp a footprint of the baby. Oh, the possibilities are endless. Thanks for sharing the work you do, it is inspiring.

Laurie said...

I LOVE it Pat! What a fantastic idea! The birds are perfect and the face is beautiful.

brenco1 said...

Love it. What a wonderful idea.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

How cool. I really like this idea. I have several trinkets from my grandson's life. A puzzle place doll, the Indian from the Indian in the Cupboard book and several other little items. That's what I would put in the clock. A secret collection .

Sherry said...

Great post, Pat! I really missed you during your recent lull but I surely understand how life can get complicated.

I love the clock! Such a creative way to commemorate the baby's birth. Would the time the baby was born hide too much? Just a thought...

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

This could not have been more perfect! Love all of the little bird touches, too. You are sooooo talented!


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