Thursday, October 25, 2012

"Come Sit with Me"

I've been thinking about this blog post for days and days...trying to figure out what I wanted to say.
As usual, though, I finally just start typing and out comes whatever is in 'there' trying to get out.  I'm sure sometimes you are wondering just what I am saying.  Me too.  The beginning might be a good place to start....I found this photo of a settee in a magazine ad and just loved it, so cut it out with my tiny little paper cutting scissors...even the binoculars.  In the ad, they were on the ground.  One day, I was painting over a 14 inch x 14 inch canvas I had previously made a mess of and it became this background.  Next, I just sat that little settee on the canvas...and that is where I got the idea for this piece of art.
It had to have birds.  You know that.  And, leaves...either sewn or cut out of paper.  In this case, I painted some book pages and cut the leaves out freehand.  As you have seen here before, I made a rubber stamp of a bird outline and have used it several times by painting in the bird colors.  I'm not so good at it, but it's fun and that is all that matters.  I used Gel Medium to attach the leaves.  Yes, drew the tree too.  I'm not really an artist, I just pretend to be one for fun, and as with the birds, all I care about is that you realize the trees ARE trees!

The butterflies were cut from scrapbooking paper.  They seem to be a recurring theme in these mixed media pieces too.  Do you notice all those colored dots?  I don't know why they are there except that I have that cute 'dot rubber stamp' and love adding them all over and in different colors.  You'll notice them on several of my other pieces too.
And, then, I like to include quotes and other written words when I'm in the mood.  I couldn't find anything suitable for this piece, so I made this up.  It says:


Yeah, I wrote that myself.  It felt right, so once again, I didn't worry whether it was good or not, just that I meant it.  And, I had to ask myself....who was I saying that to?  After a while, it came to me, I wrote that to YOU.  I think of you often and think it would be wonderful if we all could sit and make memories....oh, yeah....I guess we do...for isn't that one of the things blogging allows us to do...'speak' to each other?
So, what would we speak of under this tree?  I've no idea, but I know it would be an important conversation, after all....I think we really are each other's therapists.  In a way.  Well, I know I receive comments from some of you and they make my day.  Hopefully, I say something that will help make your day and in that way....well, we make life a little easier for each other.  Don't you think?  I try to keep my posts on the lighter side of life so you won't be depressed when you leave here.  I'd like you to visit often.  And, it makes me feel good to do it.


It reminds me of something a quilting friend said to me many years ago.  We were having a serious talk and I said I just wish I knew why I was here.  She told me  "You are here to make life easier for everyone else."  I remember thinking "why ME?"  Evidently, I'm still living all these years to discover the why. And, I have to say, I guess - "why NOT me?"   Maybe this blogging thing came to me as a way to spread something good around.  I'd be all over that, to tell you the truth!  Not that I can manage it each and every post....but I'm touching base with you and you seem to be in lots of places over the planet.  And, that's a really great thing!  So, the why of it all is that the planet is small, and we are all on it together.  It's fun knowing we can communicate.  It does make life more interesting to me....and I hope it does for YOU.

And, this leads me to my final  'story.'  (You know by now there is always another story.)  It has to do with making life easier.  That comment worried me for quite a while.  After all, it is quite a heavy thought to imagine yourself making life easier for everyone else.  Very heavy, in fact - impossible.  So, I have tried to do my best even though I realize my efforts come up short.  Being human, I know my best is all I can do.  Being someone who isn't perfect....there is this little addtional bit of a story:

A few years ago, I was asked to show some of my quilts to friends of a friend.  I took three or four of my best quilts to her place of business and there they were...several of her friends, strangers to me.  They looked at the quilts, some admired them, some were quiet, and one of them said this - "YOU HAVE TOO  MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS AND SHOULD COME CLEAN MY HOUSE." At that very moment.......

                             I KNEW I didn't have to make life easier for absolutely EVERYONE.

So, rest assured, I choose to do my best for blogging friends...and I thank you for all your visits to this blog!  take care, pat

"MAKE OF YOURSELF A LIGHT" said the Buddha before he died.   mary oliver


Cathy said...

I think a better saying is that we are put here to make life more interesting for others. You certainly do that!! Lovely piece of art - and I love you telling us how it evolved. I am always glad when I stop by here, Pat. Thanks for making my life more interesting! Hugs, Cathy

Julie Fukuda said...

How fun it is to sit on that spot and have a visit! Thank you so much. You make each visit special and you ARE an artist.

Christine said...

Pat, much better to do something you love and gives joy to others than complain about the lack of time to do everything. Have had the same experience myself, and don't regret it one iota. Thanks for all you share with us, much appreciated.
Cheers from across the Pacific,
Christine in Sydney Australia

Thearica said...

Pat.. You always brighten my day when I come over and visit. Your words and art puts me in a happy mood... and I love the quotes that are written on your paintings. You touch so many lives, I think you have no idea just how many...

Don't sweat the few you cannot touch... They are searching for something all together different...

Love you wonderful lady!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I'm not going to get cheesy here. This post is a very poignant. I envision you sitting quietly creating this lovely art piece while meditating your place in this Universe. I often do that myself, and never have an answer, though many of my friends offer encouragement and their thoughts of what my value to this world and my family is. But my ponderings go beyond that, searching for a more prolific answer. But just like that Scrooge movie tells, we all affect someone's life in ways we cannot even begin to know.

I am so glad to know you. If we sat on that lovely bench, we would be enjoying our mutual love of birds, share stories about our loving husbands, speak about the art we love to create and discuss those important issues and wonder why everyone can't live in harmony.

I am so glad I know you.
Much Love, Carol said...

This piece really speaks to me and brings to mind all the times we have just sat together and visited or played. I so miss those times, but your post and emails remind me that you are still here and we can still talk and share. Your caring heart makes me so glad to know you and call you FRIEND.

Laurie said...

A very touching post Pat. And your art work is beautiful! Have a wonderful week-end.

Christy said...

Well, gee, that was kind of a rude statement of that woman to make. I guess she needs a few more years on her life before she realizes what's important. I wouldn't want to be lying in my coffin, looking up at my tombstone and read, "Here lies Christy. She dusted herself to death." My house is neat, but if I want to sit and do my cross-stitch instead of cleaning, I'm going to do it! Maybe she should hire a maid. LOL!

Pat, I love reading your blog and we've seen pictures of your house. I honestly don't know how you keep such a nice place AND do everything artsy that you do, but don't stop doing it! I love your ideas and seeing how they come out.


Beth Macre said...

Fortunately we have artists and craftsmen who love to put the time and love into creating beautiful things for those who do appreciate it! It stings a little when we hear those comments from people who just don't get it. But so many others do appreciate it and that who I create for. I just feel sorry for the those who do not get it. Thanks for sharing your stories and creations!

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