Saturday, October 6, 2012

On My Way to Organizing

This morning I got up to a day of thunder, wind and rain.  When that happens early in the morning, I just want to go back to bed, but, of course, I didn't.  The morning was spent doing very little while I had out my little list, thinking about what I should do with the day.  So, a few things were accomplished around the house and then it hit me that I should post on my blog.  I had taken some photos at the studio that I thought you might enjoy...but they turned out pretty bad, so nixed that idea.
Later this afternoon, I ran through the rain out here to the Nest and instantly decided I should post something about organizing.  Organizing seemed very important as I came through the front door and took a good look around.  Where does all this stuff come from???  (Well, of course, I drag it in here!) I haven't been working out here much of late, and I swear I had my work table all cleaned off, but one look at that table and I had to fuss at myself.  Couldn't bring myself to show it to you....but did think you might 'get the idea' of the shape of this place if I showed you the table I have set up with 'things that should be used in the not too distant future.'  Things from the flea market, the house, from friends, you know, the 'general accumulation of junk and treasure' people like me have.  (Oh, and you can tell in these first two photos that I forgot to turn the lights they are on!!)
So, let's look at all this 'junk and treasure.'  Me, being of questionable mind, find just about all of it to be on the 'treasure' side of the story.  This silk ribbon embroidery I stitched years ago and made into a piece that fit onto a box.  Later, I removed it from the box and have intentions of giving it new life, yet here it sits, in a basket of other goodies.
There it is, peeking over top of some lovely tatted and crocheted pieces....a basket full of treasures meant to be included in my work.
Another basket full of goodies...some of these are pink!  The piece tied with ribbon is a beautiful baby dress.
A wonderful white on white piece of embroidery...I will use it and would also love to stitch my own version of know I love doing that!
Tall spools hold lace pieces which I consider beautiful and I may never do anything with them except
enjoy them!  The little pitcher and cups...not very large, I intend to make pincushions out of.  Tiny ones, yes, but oh so cute!!
I found this little Daisy Chain necklace in a flea market booth several years ago for ten cents.  I do love it so and would love to make these if I only had directions.    So sweet it is!!! 
It's as light as air, barely weighing anything, and I love the soft color.......maybe one day I will find the directions and learn how to do them.
 More goodies.
A box of silk fabrics given to me by my friend, Sherry.  I suppose I have just found them too pretty to actually cut into and have enjoyed seeing them just 'glow.'  Have no clue what I will do with the pearl necklace, but something will come to mind one of these days!
Another basket full of some of my favorite things.  Note the doll.  She has a pin on back so she can be worn....I never did that, but did have her pinned to one of my favorite tote bags for a while.  I made her out of a dinner napkin and she has silk ribbon for hair.  She is cute, don't you think?
These little ceramic shoes are in that basket....another idea for a pincushion set.  Thought they might make a nice little baby shower gift.
Oh, here's the doll again.....that little blue heart is a glass button....can't remember where I got it, but wish I had more of them and pink and green ones would be nice.  Seems I can never remember where I got little things like that.
One of my favorite things.....old laces......there can never be enough of them....and I certainly consider these of the treasure category!
This crocheted doily is another treasure....I find great delight in finding these here, there and yon.
I do so love them!
Boxes, hold all kinds of goodies, these stacked with my favorite little pink lovebirds on top....a planter from long ago.   And, oh, what a wonderful book!!!  Inspiration if you have any kind of studio at all....many ideas make you want to organize somehow...even when, like me, you have too much stuff in too small a space.  (Actually, my Nest is 18' x 26'...not that small, so perhaps I should say my space is not too small, but my collecting is out of hand! )
The pink lovebirds cute.  These two birds fly to different parts of the Nest from time to time, there is no telling where you might find them.
A tray of buttons, threads, beads, buckles and a hand mirror.  It is stitched, vintage, and very pretty.  Oh, that frame used to be plain wood, but I painted, distressed and tried to make it 'shabby' but as yet have found nothing to put in it.  I'm working on that.
A close up of the back of the hand mirror.  So pretty.  All those little stitches...amazing to me it is still all there!
Found this at the flea market not long ago.  The minute I laid eyes on it....I thought to myself,  "Well, there's a good item to make into a pincushion."  Can you imagine it?  All linen with some stitching, some pearls or beads...maybe some off-white seam binding....are you feeling it? 
Well, this basket is a turn-on.  All that vintage thread, crochet cotton, hand-made buttons...I even love the old thread boxes!!!
 A small glass compote filled with vintage buttons and a white the doily underneath.
Do you remember the bear from a few posts back?  I told you then that he likes to move around the he is in a wonderful old green glass compote, sitting there in a real bird nest given to me by my neighbor who saw it fall from one of his trees.  He immediately brought it to me.  Jimmy is a sweet man in his eighties who loves to sit on his deck and watch the birds.  Me, too!  I've had the heart (being held by the bear) for many years, one of the first things I ever saw stitched with ribbons.
Well, now why did I buy this?  I really don't know except that it just said, "You know you love me so take me home."  And, I did.  A toy tray, cake pan, scoop and mold.  So very cute!!  The key from my little key collection...I just thought they all belonged together.
Here is a tiny toy muffin tin.  It is dear and just the right size for some buttons and a couple of pins.
Just too darn cute, isn't it?
This black piece of lace I found one day while shopping the flea's very old and in bad shape, but just absolutely gorgeous.  Fragile as can be.  But, I can still enjoy it.
 Can you imagine making this?  Lovely, lovely, lovely!!! is all that 'junk and treasure' on the table at the foot of the bed.  What will I do with it, what will it all become, and when will this happen.  I've no idea, but just thinking of what I could do is exciting to me and an adventure.
So,  instead of organizing today, I took a very long walk down 'memory lane' thinking of when and where I got all these things.  Nothing much was accomplished, but I did enjoy it and maybe one or two things sparked an idea in the back of my mind which may come forth one of these days and turn into a really neat piece of work.  You think?

Ok, so it's not in the pages of a great book on organizing.  For now, it's the best I can do and it suits me just fine.  For now.  Tomorrow, maybe not so much, but today all is well.  Sure hope you enjoyed a look around the Nest.  Maybe you will take a look at your space and dream a little dream too!
Take care til next time, pat

PS.  Yes, I know it was a very long post.  I worry about such things, but at least one of my readers said my posts would never be too long for her.  Bless her heart!!


Julie Fukuda said...

Those little bead daisy chains are really easy to do. I must have a pattern somewhere because I made so many long ago.
Your stuff must be nothing compared with the stuff your crazy creative friend, Jim is always bringing home.

ga447 said...

You have the best memory lane, you should make that photo a puzzle. I want to live there. Do your creative thing, I am today - I cleaned house yesterday.

Laurie said...

I really enjoyed your"memory lane", you have some of the most awesome collections of lovelies! The bed fascinates me, I would find myself in Heaven curled up there amongst all those treasures.

Melody Marie Murray said...

Daisy chain tutorial from Fire Mountain Gems:

a variation from

They work up really fast and are fun to make!

Letitia said...

Your lovely studio and all of the little "pretties" made me smile and remember the wonderful day spent with my Girl Gang learning to make pincushions in the midst of such beauty.

Artist Brian Haggard said...

Well bless your heart is it really possible for a person to have to much pretty around them as we say in INDIANA hell to the no. Keep collecting you are doing great.LOL LOL rolling on the floor. Love to have all the pretty around me every day. keep up all the good work chat soon dear friend Brian

Christine said...

Pat, your posts are never too long for me either. I wish I had somewhere so pretty to store all my bits and pieces instead of stashing them in cupboards and boxes around the house.. oh well, maybe one day, I can only dream I guess !
Cheers from sunny Sydney Australia

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Loved you "long" post. You have such excellent treasures. I COULD NOT part with those perfectly pink little baby shoes.

I always wonder what will happen with my stuff after I'm gone. I used to say I didn't care, it was up to THEM to worry about it. Now I'm thinking about how to get it to someone that will actually use it and love it.

I really enjoyed seeing what is special to you. Thank you for sharing a small look into your life.
Much Love

brenco1 said...

Well it was a little long for the first time I pulled it up. But tonight I looked closely at each picture and read each word and missed my friend.

vicki said...

Pat- I hardly know where to start! I've never seen such an assortment of treasures and beautiful photos!
I love rainy days-- the perfect excuse to pilfer in my craft room as well. Your ribbon embroidery is exquisite-- I'd be so happy to play in your craft room!!


Jaybird said...

never EVER too long!!! I love seeing all of the goodies.
Blessings to you,

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A Bit of Heaven
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