Saturday, May 24, 2014

Front Porch Weekend

 The current words on my front porch blackboard.  Porch Weather.  Thought we were never going to see this kind of weather just a little while ago and now its here...and on this beautiful Memorial Weekend....we should all enjoy the weekend and remember in our own safety and with much feeling. 

As you have seen here before, I have a great front porch and enjoy sitting out there, watching people go by, the birds flying and chirping and whatever else catches my eye.  This morning I remembered my first encounter with a big porch.  I was about four years old.  My Dad was in the Army.  At that time when he was out of the country, we stayed at my grandmother's house.  A very poor house, but it did have an old wooden porch across the whole front.  I remember it so well....I would take my grandmothers broom to the porch and try to sweep it.  The family 'story' is when asked what I was doing, I said "Sweeping.  I was born to sweep."  That Christmas I received a kid sized broom of my very own.  And, to this day....I love to sweep the porch.  Funny I should think of that so often.

As we remember the reasons we honor this holiday weekend....I wish you and your families the very best.


Til next time, pat ♥


Vicki Boster said...

Pat-- having a front porch is a true blessing. We love ours as well-- watching the birds-- feeling the breeze- loving the smell of fresh cut grass----

Porch weather is definately the best!


Christy said...

Pat ... Happy Porch Weekend to you! I used to love sitting on my Grandparents porch when I was little, too. Today was absolutely gorgeous for any type of doings outside. (Finally!) I hope you have a wonderful holiday! Peace to you.

Julie Fukuda said...

Thanks for inviting us to your porch. I have fond memories of days spent on my grand parent's porch with the hanging swing and rocking chairs.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pat, if your Daddy was in the army during WWII, we must be the same age. The 40's are with me every moment, my mind is always on home, humble little second floor apartment in a small town. Our front porch was only a balcony. My Daddy was in the Sea Bees. What blessed memories of those years, even with the hardships.
God bless! Ruth from PA

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